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Looking for C/C++ coder for a game (Paid)


We are indie developer and need a coder to help us out, we cannot pay any AAA money but i think we can figure something out, if anyone interested please contact me in here with PM. Its paid position and longer term job so please contact us anyone who have time.


What graphics API, and what engine, if any?
I still looking for coder to for game cheat
not any Engine, made from scratch, (text based simulator game)
Interested! I have 6+ Years experience in C++ also good in mathematics and algorithms. Please let me know more details.
I'd be interested to hear more email me at adivitto23@gmail.com i have 5+ years c++ experience. Ive been looking for a team project to join, i hope you still have room for me. :)
I am available and looking for work. I've been developing multithreaded C++ and SQL professionally since 1998, have lots of financial experience and have done website work, too.
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