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Looking for a programming partner

I'm a beginner C++ programmer (I started about a month ago) and I'm quite into it as I find programming very interesting.
I'm not exactly a fresh starter, I know a bit of Pascal and VB (but not much), so I wouldn't ask silly questions (well, ok, I can't promise :D).

At the moment I'm making a C++ console RPG game, where my plan is not to use any libraries like SDL or SFML, because I want it to be pure C++ (I use a bit of WinAPI for functions ClearScreen(), MoveCursorHome() and GetAsyncKeyState(). The reason why I don't want to use a graphics library just yet is so that I can learn C++ in many different aspects when extending the functionality of the game.
Later on, when this project is over I'm planning on making another version of this game, where I'll include graphics.

I've already started this game on my own and I've added basic things (Health, traps, potions, moving enemies (you can't fight them, though))
I want a programming partner who would help me develop this game, I plan on making it open-source, but I still don't want to give away the source code just yet, so I want someone I can trust.

It would be nice if that person would have Skype or something where you can chat in real-time to make things easier (I don't like using e-mail for communication).

English isn't my mother tongue, but I speak it fluently without problems (I just might not know some specific words).
I live in Europe (GMT +1), so it might be complicated to work with someone from far away, because of the time difference (but I don't know, I haven't ever tried before)

All summed up: I'm just looking for a person, whom I could trust, who likes programming, isn't too advanced for me and wants to learn programming together with someone else.
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Vidminas , I want to be your Programming Partner. I have extensive knowledge in Game Protection and Game I made a GUI game in about 20 minutes for you to see anyway it is made in PURE C++ Picture:

I know about DLL injections and Protections and also Rootkit Protection.

I want to also sometimes program games so I would love to learn more with you. Please read my previous Posts to see my Knowledge.

I am very trustworthy. Thanks
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Hi Cyberwarfare, I already know you from before as I hang around these forums a bit. You do have a negative "aura" surrounding you...

Cyberwarfare wrote:
I know about DLL injections and Protections and also Rootkit Protection
Yeah, sure... I can't see how that has got anything to do with making a game (especially a simple one) :P

So your game is without any libraries? I doubt it, I'm still new, so I honestly don't know, but you still used WinAPI or curses, or something like that... I'm not making a game with a GUI, mine is with a TUI. That's what curses is for, but I want to write it just in C++.

You're 13, aren't you? Hmmm... I'd have to think a bit and consider taking you, as from your previous troll posts about how your code can render government's military useless, I do get this kind of feeling...
Then you should know I already have a team for this project, but I'm the only programmer, so I'm looking for another one to help me out...

How about a little trial :P ?
I'll see how you can write a program for a specific task and then I'll do the same, so we can compare the code.
PM me for more details.

Anyway this is still open, so anybody who'd like to work with me, please tell me.
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I am new to C++ and would like to be your partner.

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well, I did not make any troll posts since you probably do not even know what a DOS attack is so really there is already a idea that you speak and say things about others without knowing certain things. So those who do not know certain things about Hacking please stay away from it then. Well , I already got people who know me pretty well.
Spectre, how new are you?
Have you at least finished the C++ tutorial on this site?
I have over a month of experience and I'd be happy if I had someone slightly more advanced than me as they could tell me how to fix a few bugs.
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Vidminas , You are probably better than me Game Programming but I would be better at security Stuff so he does need someone who knows what they're doing in Game Programming.
Also Rootkit Protection and Protection is important to make sure Games are immune to Hacking. Even though it is simple. Protecting it will make it better and a good practice if developing in Pro Game Companies.
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I am currently in school. I have been writing programs for about 5 months. I have taken intro to computer science, control and data structures. I will be starting in the next few weeks advanced programming and algorithms.
I can help, I pretty fluent with C++. I wont be able to help 24/7 mainly because of school(You know, something 12 year old kids have) and I'm working on another game.

Cyberwarfare you're starting to seem like some 10 year old script kiddie who uses batch to scare his friends at school. You probably think you are some super awesome hacker just because you know how to use cheat engine. I'm sure Vidminas doesn't care about someone hacking his game.
SpectreCplusplus and Cyberwarfare both want to help out. Who knows maybe we could manage with the three of us? I need to test you both, Cyber is already on his trial :P

and Spectre, you have PMs disabled so I can't contact you directly... You should enable them, ok?

EDIT: As I understand from this http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/lounge/97685/
Cyberwarfare isn't applying anymore

and Fredbill also wants to help, ok sure :) I'll contact you
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Depends give some details about the game
It's nothing fancy, if you want I can give you the download link, PM me if you want it. (I'm not sure if it's against the rules to post download links here, so I won't)

Ok I'll say something about it, it's like a game that was first based on tutorials on youtube, you're an ASCII character '@' and you move around maps. I added the functionality to have multiple maps, as many as you want actually, but that code can be improved a lot. These maps have walls '#', you cannot collide into them. There are traps '*' that damage you if you step on them, and potions '+' that heal you. And then there are enemies, which aren't finished yet that randomly walk around the map (you're supposed to be able to fight them, but I'll be working on that). And, exits '!' that just "teleport" you to the next map.
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