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University Project - Would pay 200 gbp

I am in my final year and I have a C++ project to complete that counts for 12.5% of the year. I am afraid I do not have the time to do it because my knowledge of c++ is currently lacking.

I am offering 200gbp to whoever does the project for me in a satisfactory fashion. It should not be perfect. (if it is perhaps I can give it my touch afterwards)

I should mention that you will need specialised knowledge to do this project but I will not mention details in public. If anyone is interested reply and I will send you the project description.
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Turn on your mail and PM me.
Hello, i am interested , contact me: cronopiomx@gmail.com
Also interested. Lots of math skills, been programming cpp for 8 years. Would happily do this.
PM me for my email.
I am 3 Year Exp C++ developer.. I am interested..Let me know detail.
Email: mota.pratik@gmail.com
Skype: mota.pratik
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