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Hi, I have been learning C++ for almost an year. I have decided to get into game programming. I am learning SDL with C++. I would like to have few mates to start making a game using SDL. It is better if you are not an advanced programmer. I am looking to make up a good career with this. Let me know guys. Let's rock on!

PS:I am using Code Blocks,SDL
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I am currently working on a game using Ogre3d. PM me if you're interested with a list of some of the things you can do.
I'm learning SDL also, let's talk.
Austin J

Since SDL doesn't support high quality graphics my intention is to use better 2D graphics and make a complete game. If you like we can join and do something together. I am not a perfect programmer yet. I am working through to get there someday. Is there a way I could PM you?
Major Tom buddy
I haven't use Ogre3d yet. Just learning SDL and want to learn it well before move onto something else. My intention is to learn SDL 1st and make a complete game with that so that eventually I will be mastering it. Then will move on to OpenGL for high quality graphics. Just like to have work buddies at my level and perhaps we could be the team for making another high quality game. Cheers to that!
For sure!
I have my private messaging opened now, and my email shown. What do you mean by high graphics? SDL isn't limited to 16x16 games, and when it reaches its limits, openGL can step in. (One cool thing about SDL is you can get your games to work on really old consoles, i.e Sega Dreamcast)
I'm descent at c++ and I haven't ever used a game engine before but I'm at the point that I'm exploring what I can do with c++...So I will try it out with you.
@clullenT and it doesn't matter. I actually think you rarely should use a game engine.
sure guys.what i meant is that you can't use 3D graphics with SDL alone.you need something like OpenGL.
what my intention is to make a 2D game using SDL without OpenGL.because with that i can master SDL.i will then move on to OpenGL.

i will PM you Austin J.

I don't want to use a game engine right now.I want to make a game from scratch.SDL is a library you can use for game programming.I also was there at your position few days ago thinking of where to begin game programming with C++.I did some research and found few libraries and decided to go with SDL.You can join too if you like
I have 5+ years of practice with c++, but i still consider myself a novice to intermediate programmer. I would be really interested in joining a team. My knowledge of SDL is limited but i'm sure it wont be too hard to get used to, or maybe i could do some of the back end stuff. let me know if i can help my email is adivitto23@gmail.com
That sounds really cool! I'm not that great at C++ but I would really like to help. PM me!
Hi guys,
I'm a C++ novice in a quite same condition than you and I'd like to work on something serious to improve my skill. If you are still looking for collaborators please contact me.
Hi Guys,
have you already teamed up yet?
do you guys still have an opening for a novice c/c++ coder?

Not really.Always my inbox is open for you private messages.Please let me know

I have worked hard on mastering the data side of c++ and am about to go into game dev field implementing this lang.

I used to use dx sdk graphic libraries which was about couple yr's ago i think. I'm interested though in working with you on a game lmk, i want to find buddies i can code and share ideas with (:
Well I can help, I know SDL pretty well and made a few games with it. But I cannot dedicate 100 percent of the day to it however.
I have done some sfml, if you are interested in doing some project of some type pm me.
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