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Wait... You're seriously going to pay someone to do your homework?
Turn on your mail and PM me.
I'm interested
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prachibodke, turn on your mail soon, and i might hit you up
I'll definitely do your homework for you. I'll be sending you a PM.
Send me the project details will do it...
Why would anyone do your homework for you especially for 50-100$ that is nothing if you sign up for a class finish it yourself otherwise drop out of that class and go into another major. Pointless to take classes if you aren't going to even try and learn. Paying people to do stuff for you won't get you anywhere in life.
are you still looking for someone?? PM me.
So, you're paying for a class to learn C++. You have to do the homework to learn, but you're paying people to do it instead. In the end, you don't learn C++. Aren't you just wasting money?
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