RPC program

i need a simple RPC server and client program using visual studios.
the client should be able to send a message to the server and the server just sends the message back.

i actually already have some code for this so if you can continue using what i have or create your own

please pm me or reply here if you are interested.
this is a basic project it shouldn't take long
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you can refere..

RPC is used for Remote procedure call in Distributed application also.. you should have some knowledge of COM/DCOM for that... I have not used COM/DCOM and RPC so not more aware of that...
already tried that tutorial and it just gave errors
How much would you be paying?
@Jason777 around $10 since this is a small program (but we can negotiate on it). are you interested in doing the program?
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When would it need to be done by? I still haven't decided whether or not I'm going to accept the job... but if I do, I'm aiming to start and finish it tomorrow.
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