Small easy project 100 usd.

I have a project for my a project i'm work on just need a little help. the pay is 100 USD I have header files made. I just need a coder as ours jumped ship on us. I may have more work down the line if I like what I see. the coding should be simple no guis all text input and output.
Tell me more details of project
I am interested.. I have 3+ year of Experiance in C++..
Contact me
I am interested. Please give me more information on what you are attempting to accomplish. Contact me at:
I am interested. I could do it for free if you want. contact me at:
i am interested. please send me more details on my email.
I have 5+ years c++ experience, if you are still looking for someone i would be interested in hearing the details of your project. my email is
I have 6+ Years experience in C++ programming in R&D. Please let me know more details. My email ID
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