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Need a C/C++ Job ( Work from Home - FULL time)

I am having more than 3 years of C++ experience and having Masters Degree in Computer Science. I am looking for job (WFH)

Thanks and Regards,
Prachi Bodke
Do u know game cheats coding?
I need a special custom roulette bot and my budget is around $100.

I have all details ready to be sent if you are interested.

Please let me know and thanks in advance.

I don't know Game coding. I haven't work on any game till now..

have skype for contact?
yes it is loddogianluca but please be quick since I have other bids to evaluate and need to decide asap.

I also think thta if you do not know game coding it will be a harder job for you , however if you are determined to to the job please let me know but I need some guarantees .

Here are most of the features but please note that the n. 5 pdf files are missing at present and will be sent only after a first ocnfirmation or via skype.


1) the price should be decreased to reach at least $100-150 for the whole job since my budget actually is that , unfortunately.

2) I need absolutely to test the bot just for a few days before paying

3) the delivery time should be decreased to around 5-10 days

3) All details comprised all the 3 options , 007 system, jagger formula, 17-21 system , must be realized to guarantee the performance of the bot

For your convenience I am sending you again all the detailed features of the project so that you may confirm you if you still can and want to start the project sa soon as possible.I am also sending you my skype ID: loddogianluca so you may add and contact me chatting real time.


I would need an automated roulette bot software and I am now trying to clarify the software I need is .Please tell me if you feel able to do the job, the related fee and everything you want about :

- undetectable, not viewable or perceivable by casinos software even running 24/24.Image Based Recognition Technology or is needed to aquire and guarantee these features.
- european roulette and other online roulette kinds supported
- LIVE CAM roulette supported
- italian language interface supported expecially compatible with Italian WILLIAM HILL casino, 888.IT casino, and all other italian casino
- english language interface supported to support most english language interface casinos
- automatically monitoring the interested roulette 24/24 , 7/7, and acting/operating as indicated below on personal pre schedule need

- URGENT !! FIRST SYSTEM TO IMPLEMENT THE 007 ROULETTE SYSTEM to be implemented ONLY FOR LIVE CAMS.A few pdf files attached.

- COMPLETE STATISTIC SYSTEM AND BUG /FLAWS FINDER for casinos roulette softwares ( Playtech and other Platforms both in italian and english language ) working and running ,investigating REAL CASH ACCOUNTS and exploiting these bugs and statistics.

options 1: When an EXTRA TABLE ( Red or Black or Even & Odd , DOZEN or 1-18 & 19-36 ) has been hit 8 times in a row then bet on the color that hasn't been hit.

option 2: When an EXTRA ROULETTE TABLE ( such as Red & Black or Even & Odd , DOZEN or 1-18 & 19-36 ) has been hit X times in a row singularly or simultaneously then the bot will bet on a preset bet pattern that you specified (e.g RBRBRBRB) and will also use a progression or flat betting until win come and eventually will restart from zero if scheduled.

In practise option 1 is e special event of option 2 ( the difference is that option 1 one needs just an action : on time 9 , after 8 times in a row comes whether for RED or BLACK , bet on the colour that hasn't been hit and stop betting.

-ZERO must not be comprised , MUST BE EXCLUDED FORM THE RAW .Example: the raw must be composed only by eight RED or eight BLACK , if zero occurs the software must not act and wait only for eight consecutive colours in a raw and than bet the 9th on the opposite colour previously occurred..

Furtherly if IT LOSES it MUST be scheduled to STOP the process immediately or alternatively restart automatically with the bet amount to be determined previously

- The action of the bot should be fully customizable in the run , that is to say allowing these choice of mode: mode1 action perpetually/continuosly , mode 2 action ONE TIME , mode 3 action to specify

- The BETTING AMOUNTS must be fully customizable ( ex: 0.1€/$ /£ , 1€/$/£ , 5€,$/7£ , 10€/$/£ , 50 etc ) for amounts and currency in the shedule.

- Bankroll stops at prefixed amount when decreasing and then auto restart from zero .Ex: stop when reach zero decreasingly , or when reach -1 , or -2 decreasingly etc. and then eventually auto restart from zero if scheduled for all options if scheduled for any reasons

-Important ! LIVE CAM ROULETTES configuration ( but also other ROULETTES ) always MUST be able to CONFIRM the bet.They have a special button to be clicked after bets are placed.If not the bet will not be accepted.

- Important ! LIVE CAM ROULETTES configuration ( but also other ROULETTES ) in order to avoid to be disconnected from their server after x time of non activity , always MUST have the OPTION to set at scheduled X time additional diverting bets.EXAMPLE:Besides the main bets usually set the bot must be able to ADD every X MINUTES a X amount bet either on RED and BLACK or ODD and EVEN or another choice.All these bets need to work SIMULTANEOUSLY ( meaning these as Main SYSTEM BETS and DIVERTING BETS )

- option 3 the system 17-21 to be implemented.Expecially for LIVE CAM ROULETTES even it could also be tried with other Roulettes.pdf file attached

- option 4 THE JAGGER FORMULA SYSTEM to be implemented for LIVE CAMS AND RNG .Pdf file attached.In attachment you find the full system NAMED JAGGER FORMULA but the main data must be collected from page 68 to 78 and from page 146 to 161.

- Last thing .The software should be able to be eventually sold if needed and for this reason I should have the possibility to give away
free trial code that would eventually expire withinn a fixed time( for example 30-45 days) .Again I do not start to sell the software but if needed
I would like to be able to do.Ok now please try to make the cheapest offer you can and many thanks again for your great support.

Thanks in advance and waiting for your kind reply and confirmation.


Gianluca Loddo from Italy
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