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by XXL66
c++ developer for temporary freelance project wanted
Convert and improve a indicator script into a DLL (msvc 2005). This indicator is for trading futu...
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C++ Developer for top company in Berlin. Visa sponsorship!
C++ Developer for top company in Berlin. Visa sponsorship! Our client, a spin-off of the Hasso-Pl...
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Job Searching
Hello, My name is Kevin Tindall, and I am searching for a full-time job as a programmer. I recentl...
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[HCM] Java Software Architect (SA & SSA) @KMS Technology
Responsibilities: Work with US-based clients and/or Vietnam development center to understand busi...
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[HCM] Senior ETL Developer @KMS Technology
Responsibilities: Joining various software development Knowledge and skills: H...
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[HCM] SharePoint Developer (SE & SSE) @KMS Technology
Key knowledge & skills: Fluent in C# and ASP.NET Experience with SP 2010, specifically: ...
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looking for programmer good with network sniffing / driver development
hi, as title states im trying to find solution to read memory from a target process but in secure wa...
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C++ Tutor - Offering Service
Hello, I thought I'd begin with an introduction to myself - you can call me Joe. I am an intermedi...
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Seeking Developers for Juno Productions
Please, Before you post you wish to help, get a account for Nitous.IO and post the username in the c...
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Work from home job needed have 7 years exp in C++,c,Unix,Linux
Hi I am currently in search of a new job to work from home. I have 7 Years experience in C++,C,Ja...
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Seeking for an Advance Visual C++ programmer
I have a source code of an application i want to add the subject into it , Language and IDE programm...
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by fayt84
Programmer for Indie Game
(I am posting this on behalf of the developer) A programmer is needed to work as part of a small ...
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