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by slex04
Tutor required
I would like to use older examination papers as part of my preparation for final exams but I need So...
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Looking forward an Internship or Junior C++ Programmer
Hello, I'm from Egypt,I'm a student at level 2 of Computer Science, i studied C/C++ in college an I ...
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Freelance web designing in Hyderabad,UK,Singapore
We are Web Slavery With the help of that knowledge we are started to provide freelance web designing...
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Concord Spark Tutoring
Hi all! I just wanted to say how excited I am for being able to announce this piece of news: The...
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Sr. Tools and Automation Programmer
Our studio is looking for a Senior Tools and Automation Programmer. In this role, your primary respo...
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Paying to fix small project btc
Paying $5 in btc if you can fix this SRRemoveRestorepoint returning 2 (ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND) Will ...
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Bug & Ideas Hunting Contest
We are happy to present the year-round Bug & Ideas Hunting Contest by! It is a contes...
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C++ developer needed
We, at, are looking for a C++ programmer to create our analytics platform. 3 or more years...
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How C++ is useful for jobs in Canada ?
Hi, Is any possibility to get good career after completing the C++ in Canada ? Or need to do...
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programmer 4 basic Sort and Display app
Hello, I'm looking to hire a "Good to Professional" programmer for my home project. A basic " S...
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If i wanted to sell my program how would i go about doing that?
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by dovip
Referring you for Uber from me.
Hello folks! I use at Uber to make money with my car & you can too. Sign up to receive your $1000...
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by Corum
[Hiring] C++ Programmer Game Project (ASAP)
Hello, I'm looking to hire a professional programmer for my Game project. It uses two platforms. ...
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Jobs Available?
I'm Joshua, a C++ programmer based in Nigeria, West Africa. I'm actively looking for a remote job wi...
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Hangman Game
Hi, I am relatively new with C++ and was wondering if someone could help me make a program. I would ...
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C++ game client
Hello programmers. I am looking for someone who is able to decode (or just understand and edit) A pr...
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What's wrong with this program?
This is what I have for the following problem. It isn't right though and I don't know here to go fro...
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I need help on a simple program
I have a simple program that's bothering me because I can't do it. Can someone help me out? "Writ...
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by vcsinc
searching for a Senior Embedded Software Architect - Indiana
Senior Embedded Software Architect position focused on development of products requiring motion c...
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by Sam786
Need C++ Programmer
I need someone good at C++ as I have a couple of assignments which are a mixture of difficulty rangi...
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