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Spam from dorin651
User dorin651 ( is spamming me with the same mesasge many ti...
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BAE Systems Engineering Software Opportunities
What can inspiration do? At BAE Systems we take and solve some of our customers most urgent and c...
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by npap
C++ Software Developer - London, UK
Unique Job Opportunity for Software Developers Decisal is a London, UK based company, spun by Imp...
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The Global Computer Employer Index
My aim in building The Global Computer Employer Index is to link directly to the "Careers" or "Jobs"...
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part time job
Hello everyone, my name is Mario. this summer im thinking for applying for a job that is linked to ...
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Freelance Hyderabad,Web Designer Hyderabad,Website Designer Hyderabad
I am a Freelance Web Designer Hyderabad who works independently. I also collaborate with other Sing...
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Lead Embedded Software Engineer and Senior Test Engineer Opportunities in OK
Hi everyone my company is looking for about 3-4 individuals that have Lead Embedded Software Enginee...
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Freelance Web Designing in Hyderabad,UK,Barma,Uganda,malaysia,India
I am Raheem Pasha, a freelance web designer and front-end web developer based in Hyderabad,India. ...
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by kaspi
Almost ready fantasy RPG!
Hello guys! We are a team of indie game devs, who have been working on a fantasy, multiplayer, ro...
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C++ Fresh developer wanted
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C++ Developer Needed For Training
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Developers - Apply Now
Hi, I would like to offer a position. Hola is an online company that looks for C/C++ developers. ...
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Any C++ college students interested in free online tutoring?
This is more for those who don't know where to start or don't have a specific question you can post ...
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College Student Looking for an Internship
I'm a Sophomore in Computer Science at Purdue University. I am currently interested in having an in...
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C++ programmer looking for part time job
I am a high school C++ programmer looking for a part-time job with some sort of company. Would anyon...
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C/C++ Developer - apply now
Hi all! Hola is an Online start-up company that develop a P2P network, we have more than 40M users....
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Unlock iCloud C++ Developer Needed- Elmhurst, New York
Unlock iCloud Account for iPhone
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by sassi
Tools Software Engineer (Novato, CA)
Join VC and achieve career defining roles in the next generation of sports gaming. Learn and contri...
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Open Source Application for Ham Radio needs a Qt 5 Programmer
If you are a Qt 5 programmer and have an active interest in ham radio, this is the project for you. ...
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by xephon
Startup looking for volunteer developers
Hi all, As an early startup, we are looking for some volunteer developers to join our fold and po...
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