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Refactoring C++ code to make it more extensible
I have a C++ application that I have developed myself. I want help in re-factoring it to make it mor...
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by Titan
Seeking experienced C++ coders for new Orlando office of game-based simulation company
We are an experienced (yet unknown, due to classified work) software development company who has rec...
[1 reply] : Dear Sir, I have more than 7 years of work experience in C++, C#, VB6... (by golegaonkar)
by fuzehr
C++ / UML Developer (Montreal)
C++/UML Software Engineer (Consultants) Our client is a world leader in the design, manufacture,...
[2 replies] Last: Dear Sir, I did BE in computer science & engineering with distinction.... (by golegaonkar)
C and C++ Programmer Services, Assigments, Proyect
I offer my services Programmer with 8 years of experience in C and C++, and others languaje. We perf...
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by NPrice
C++ Programmer - Chicago, IL (Financial)
Be part of a team that supports the globally FIX technology standard with a growing suite of non-FIX...
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$20 - C++ program for beginner
I need solution for the problem below for my review class. I need explanation for each step so that ...
[1 reply] : Hi, im interested, i have 8 years experience in C++, contact me: crono... (by cronopio)
$30 USD - C++ Program
I need someone to create a fairly simple C++ program. I think the job will take about an hour max. I...
[6 replies] Last: Well, Thats business and you have to get used to it. In real-world thi... (by OrionMaster)
by Aestes
In need of a short program.
Hey guys, I am in pretty desperate need of a small program right now, I am willing to discuss price ...
[2 replies] Last: Contact me, i'm interested. mi email: (by cronopio)
by Ufo
Tool Engine
Hi to all , i need a program like cheat engine for a game online ...
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i need a code?
im looking for someone to build me a code that can be compiled into a Hex file for a PIC chip? it w...
[7 replies] Last: I can write a program for you in assembly language for this chip. I ca... (by danielmccarthy)
Looking for a Mentor/Tutor
Looking for C++ tutor/mentor, I'm currently teaching myself from a book(C++ Primer from Stanley B. L...
[3 replies] Last: Okay..You can try me (by alfredokang)
Wanted: Agile C++ Craftsmen (Berlin, Germany)
Hi, We're looking for Agile C++ Engineers with software craftsmanship mindset to work in a great mu...
[2 replies] Last: Hi, We are a professional C,C++ and QT team of software engineers. Yo... (by rajnagle)
Need C++ tutor
I am looking for someone to tutor / help me with my midterm review. Its a total of 10 c++ questions ...
[2 replies] Last: kk... (by alfredokang)
Looking for C/C++ volunteers for a free and open 3D Game
Hi all, We are looking for volunteers (not paid), who wants to learn / share and push the game to t...
[2 replies] Last: Here is the code / wiki. The current version was a test (0.1) of a FPS... (by aguperezpala)
by kabary
boruvka's algorithm c++
I need someone to help fix this program that implement borvukas algorithm that returns the minimum s...
[2 replies] Last: I could help also. I'll charge one flat rate for this. email me at ... (by CodeAssistant)
Fortune 500: Senior Software Engineer - C++
This opportunity is in Danbury CT. We also have a similar position in Fort Lauderdale FL. Both will ...
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program for a toy
Hi! I'd like to start out by saying I'm not offering any money for this job. I'm just posting this...
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In need of C++ tutor
Hello, I am need of someone that can tutor and help me with some programming assignments I am having...
[5 replies] Last: I have been writing an operating system in C. I am also pretty talente... (by danielmccarthy)
Mentor Needed
Hi, I live in the pacific northwest. I am teaching myself C++. I would really appreciate it if so...
[8 replies] Last: Oh, I read that wrong. I thought you said "Don't learn C++", my mistak... (by Fredbill 30)
Looking for C++ coders.
[1 reply] : I sent email, Contact me.. @cronopio (by cronopio)
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