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what is CISPA and did any one know it was introduced?

Not many people noticed that congress had passed cyber security laws that were once considered too controversial, how do you feel about that?
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Not many people noticed it because it didn't happen.
Arnt they pushing it through as we squeak?
Here in Canada they just passed a bill yesterday (bill s-7) that basically makes it that they can arrest anyone under suspicion of terrorism and detained them for up to a full year before needing any trial or proof. No more "innocent until proven guilty" here. Basically, if the government doesn't like you because you either protest something, or whatever the reason, your F***ed.
The senate is pretty apathetic towards the bill, we're hoping it'll miss the deadline or get voted against to get passed back to the house for a while. The White House threatened to veto it, but we all know how empty threats from the white house can be.

I emailed my senator about this a few weeks ago. I got some template response telling me how there's a huge unseen threat to our nation and other bullshit about how good law abiding citizens have nothing to worry about.

I responded to his office saying that if he votes in favor of it he either doesn't understand what he is legislating or doesn't care. Either way he won't have my vote when reelection time comes.

edit: not that he ever was in the first place. Guy's your typical dumb southern sexist creationist tool with a complete disconnection to reality.

edit 2: Not saying any of those things implies the other (not all southerners are dumb, sexist, etc.)
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a 1984 world is going to inevitable so long as big businesses lobby governments succesfully.

imagine you are a world player like a rothschild, and people did what they were told because it was the 1950s, and they were happy consuming and going to war without questioning motives and politicians were easy to manipulate and you could screw any poor country or dangerous individual in anyway and then

BAM hippies, discussion about things other than capitalism, massive amounts of communication between people, labor exchange schemes, flashmobs, better access to anykind of non government allowed learning, true understanding of the economy

all these things are simply new obstacles to overcome, not by the illuminati or the lizard aliens or the masons, but by rich men with interests and access to lawyers and lobby groups.

modern capitalism is only 200 years old and it needs losers to function, businesses always seeks to be more efficient and the more efficient it gets the more losers there will be
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