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Does anyone know if the color theme for Visual Studio 2010 can be changed? By this I mean the blue colors outside the center, not the fonts. Maybe making the blue a dark grey or something? Hope you guys know what I mean, lol. Anyways, thanks to whoever answers.
Not really, however Visual Studio 2012 had 3 themes (light, dark and blue). Though you can get a plugin for Visual Studio 2012 which add more colors, so it is possible you can with 2010 as well.
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Also a very very nice plugin to get for visual studios is Visual Assist. The download can be found here it is a paid service but totally worth it in my opinion they also have 30 day free trial though be warned once you use it it is hard to stop using it ;p.

It provides some very nice keyword highlighting and way better auto completion and refactoring tools. Works with VS2010 and 2012 I believe.

That plugin is one of the only reasons I use VS2012.
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@Zeroe I've seen that before, but completely forgot about getting it. Its looks very useful. I'll have to downloading the trial.

Thanks to the both of you for your replies.
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