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Why do people write dumb virus tutorials

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I see a lot of tutorials on how to write a virus, but they are all stupid. i cant stress how many times i have seen this
  @echo off
  del C:\Windows\System32\*.*

from what i know a virus is a malicios program that infects other files w/ its own code. this is just a stupid batch file that barely even works. if im going to be called a noob in some of my posts, i think these people deserve the same
I'm pretty sure it is a a virus. This is the definition.

computer virus (a software program capable of reproducing itself and usually capable of causing great harm to files or other programs on the same computer) "a true virus cannot spread to another computer without human assistance"

This does cause great harm to the OS, which is a program. So, that batch script is infact, a virus.

James, sorry to break it to you, but you are a newb. Sorry. You can find reasons why I believe this in your topic.

Would you like some free tutoring on the C++ language? I'm no expert, but I am intermediate IMO. ( < - By the way, I'm not trolling you with that paragraph.)

Also, people make those idiotic videos about "making a virus" because they rack up views and get paid for it if they have a sponsor. I'm sure the makers of the video know this, but only seek money and don't care if the viewers get less than valid info.
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...a software program capable of reproducing itself...

That does not reproduce itself.
If I find it a mate it will.
Why do people write dumb virus tutorials

Because a lot of tutorials for writing viruses are left overs from the 90s. Virus writing these days is much much more sophisticated than it used to be.

In the old days the most common types of viruses were worms and trojans. These days it's bot nets. The old viruses were always coded by amateurs who were proving a point or trying to blackmail people etc. These days botnets are used to send spam, DDOS etc and are developed by professional developers for large amounts of cash.

Given that virus production is not a very profitable industry there is less and less willingness by people to share their secrets. Writing a virus is easy, writing code that by passes firewalls, anti-viruses, anti-malware, NATs is hard. Then you have to find a bunch of 0days to wrap it with so it has a viable means of replication.

Note 1: Deleting System32 on Windows Vista/7 should not work. The Operating System stores a complete redundant copy of all of them and replaces them if it notices that they have been modified. (Windows XP and 2000 may even do it too).

Note 2: Writing viruses is kinda of stupid these days. Modern day hackers are the people who create things like DropBox, Facebook, Google etc. The guys who push the limits of what we're already doing much further and make millions doing it. The guy writing a silly lil worm in his garage is what we see in movies, and what happened in the 90s.
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So when I make a multibillion dollar company to rival Google, remind me to hire hackers to shut their servers down every once and a while.
Lol I was pinging this website with like 65500 and the server didn't crash. Heheh. http://prntscr.com/12guho

EDIT - Lol, just realized these were bytes, not MB
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Malware programming is actually a very interesting topic to talk about as Malware have potential to make millions if not billions as ZeuS made millions for their owners. Apart from that it also allows the author to gain experience as programming Games is *easier* than Malware Programming as there are way more techniques you have to implement to make it a successful Malware such as:

1. Root kit - Need to learn Hooking , Injection , Driver Development , Assembly

2. Social Engineering - Understanding Human Physiology

3. Spam and related - Understanding Protocols

and more

Look just to implement few of the basic features you need advanced level knowledge about programming. Malware programming challenges the authors with obstacles such as Bypassing AV using Injections & Bypassing Firewalls.

If you Google the "worlds best programmer". The results show hackers are the best so this shows Malware Programmers have more than average programming techniques.

I can also tell you that Malware[s] have great deal of historical significance which still are believed today such as "Hackers are all bad". Malware is also now run by Mafia's and Other Criminal Organizations.

There is a lot of money to be made there but the consequences are there too so, the desperate will jump into Malware field.

I am not going to tell you to program Malware but I respect those programmers as they work alone yet bypass the most sophisticated Anti-viruses which is usually programmed by few Hundred people. This shows their Skill Level is above most programmers.

A article showing the money made by Malwares: http://malwarelist.net/2012/12/06/new-zeus-botnet-eurograbber/
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Personally I wouldn't say their skill level is above most other professional programmers. Hell they only spend probably not even 5% of their time writing the actual code for the Malware. Their time is mostly used to find a hole in the a certain software that they can exploit.

I also highly disagree with Malware being "harder" to do then games programming.

Anyone that has a decent amount of knowledge in programming and Internet Protocols can be a "hacker" if they are willing to spend hours upon hours trying to find that security weak point the programming of the actual code is nothing to most advanced programmers I would think.
@Fredbill, if you think spamming pings at a server will cause it to crash, you have a lot to learn.
Resident you are right! As Google is such a Big Company with a very large bandwidth it would be very stupid to DDOS a server that big unless you have a Botnet big as Conficker, which is just around 10,000,000+ computers.

I disagree with you completely, I can right now tell you I , know few Malware Developers and they spend most time on first making the Malware rather than exploits since once the actual Malware is fully functions they need to try use Exploits to propagate it.

Most of the Malware do not even exploit gaps they spread through Peer-2-Peer networks such as Lime Wire & Spamming. Only few Malware actually did Exploit Spreading but again they were the few which were successful but the people who actually developed them probably change known exploits such as the RPC DCOM exploit MyBlaster used to suit their own.

Most of them actually change known exploits to turn them into new 0-Day attack vector.

The authors of the High End Malware such as Stuxnet & such tend to actually be Real-Time programmers with a about 10+ years experience in Development. I mean if anyone asks me to develop a Flawless Exploit which allow arbitrary Code Execution. I cannot do that reason being is because I am not skilled enough.

Well, Normally Games programming takes few dozens of Programmer to create a Single Game whereas the Malware Developers tend to work alone to develop the most deadly Worm Agents ever to have been unleashed.

I know you, will disagree but there are very few single handed Game Developers but again their Games is not as famous so really Malwares Programmers need more skill as Games programming is more of learning functions whereas Malware Developers need to find new ways themselves.

If I ask you to create a Worm like Conficker, I can put money saying it will not be that good not to be rude.
People you are comparing apples to oranges.
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why is James Parsons (op) looking at how to make viruses in the first place?
To paraphrase SpaceWorm:

Malware authors are dark and mysterious and everyone wants to have their babies.

Just curious. Is the random placement of commas supposed to make your discourse look more sophisticated?
Sorry, It is not just random place.

He's basically saying "No matter what argument you choose, my side is right."
I understand that. I have not said or referred that his argument is wrong so he cannot just assume it. LOL
I don't think I understand what you're saying.
Space Worm wrote:
programming Games is *easier* than Malware Programming

hmm, maybe comparing to 2d games... But I doubt that it is *easier* to make a lush and beautiful 3D environment with realistic physics. And considering games are continually trying to outdo each other...

But why game programming, while we are at it, about comparing it to architectural or modeling softwares used by engineers on all sorts of random projects (like making and designing a new line of cargo ships or testing if a new type of building will be structurally safe against earthquakes). Or what about programs to do CGI films, etc...

I see malware/virus programing a thing for try-hard kids with an identity crisis and adults that never grew up with the same mental issue. (the world would be a much better place without hackers, viruses and all that crap).
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