Pros and cons of Qt

Hi all,
I just want to know the advantages and disadvantages of Qt.

Pros: Multi-platform, powerful, easy, lots of libraries/extensions (xml, qwt, Qstring)
Cons: You need to know C++.

For GUI purposes, I completely recommend it.
I've tried an intro on qt and it seems alittle bit cinfusing. I want to know whether wxWidget is a good idea, and some pros and cons about it.

Thanks in advance,
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Personally I highly prefer QT to wxWidgets but that is just me. QT can be hard to take in at first because of how big it is, and everything that it can do. Though once you get past learning what everything is and does it is much more powerful then wxWidget.
Cons: You need to know C++.

why is this a con?? ;.;
Does QT have a browser like widget, i know WXwidgets does
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What do you mean by browser like widget?
The VS form designer has a browser control (based on IE) that can be embeded into a form. I assume OP wants something like that.
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Cons: You need to know C++.

No you don't. There are Python, Ruby, Java bindings (among many others).
Stewbond wrote:
Cons: You need to know C++.

Really there are no cons that I can think of off hand. The language used certainly isn't one of them.
darkestfright wrote:
No you don't. There are Python, Ruby, Java bindings (among many others).


Here is a list of languages supported through bindings for Qt1:

Ada 2005
Haskell (QML also has a binding)
Chicken Scheme

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QT1........ A bit outdated don't you think? ;p
The con: You need to know C++ was sort of sarcastic. I just meant that some prior knowledge is required.

Regarding your questions about forms: Try Qt Creator. The creator will allow you to play around with forms like you would in Visual Basic. Then, you go to a "slot" and it creates a function header for you and brings you to the "fill in here" implementation part. It couldn't be easier once you know your way around Qt Creator.

In Qt Creator, they also give you the option of trying a few tutorials. Try the widget-based-application tutorial.
In that case I owe you two apologies. 1) For not catching the sarcasm in the remark. 2) For quoting you as Stewbound instead of Stewbond even though I just corrected it. I get a little frustrated when people mess up my user name so I try to not mess up others user names.

Zereo wrote:
QT1........ A bit outdated don't you think? ;p

Heh :P
I just had to use Qt for a small game for school. It took me about a month (long after the project was due) to understand how to use the event-driven things, but even for someone with absolutely no GUI/visual experience, it was rather simple to pick up.
Zereo wrote:
QT1........ A bit outdated don't you think? ;p

It was Qt 1 and Norwegian, when I first did hear of it. We had SGI IRIX as main platform back then. It has taken more effort to port Qt 1->3->4 than it took to port IRIX->{Linux,Win32,OSX}. Oh well, there was no standard C++ either.

Qt definitely has pros.

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