what's the best language for hacking?

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what's the best language for hacking?
pending on what your doing. i use python for quick DoS attacks, and other netwroking exploits, however i would use C or C++ for exe or dll injection
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This isn't the place for this. Granted there is legal uses for this kind of knowledge but it is pretty obvious this is a troll thread or you are going to be using it for illegal uses.

Lol, JK. C/C++ and/or Assembly... Just to let everybody know,

A wild SCRIPT KIDDIE appeared.
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I believe you have appeared a long time ago Fredbill ; p
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You have to know all of them really really well XD
Depends on what you're hacking, actually. In all i think C, C++ are good languages.
A sledgehammer. We had used it once to bypass sophisticated electronic lock on the door to our accountant office when she forgot password.
Also I can recommend a fireaxe which we used to hack a new window.
I see what you did there.
Hi David,

The best and far the most used language used for Hacking is C or C++ as they have extremely Low Level control as well as higher level functionality.

Many of the famous Hacking tools are programmed in C. Of course how can I forget Pearl. As it is very easy to use to hack\ penetration testing.

I really, hope you not to use these for unethical purposes considering many of those Authors got arrested quite quickly but only the very minor amount of people managed to escape. I can already say that you are not those minority.

@miinpaa, that reminds me of a Terry Pratchet book, the world uses castle towers with a grid with fires and shutters in to communicate lots of messages at once over huge distances, hackers would hack every one in them to pieces and send their own messages XD

@ devonrevenge: "Going Postal". Also a movie on Netflix if you want a mostly loyal representation of the book.
Thanks i didnt know :D I love a good film recomendation
Russian, possibly German.
David Parker wrote:
what's the best language for hacking?
I think people have been hacking since before any kind of language existed. If you start hacking, you should probably see a doctor.
whats the connection between russian's and hacking? what happened?
I think eastern Europe in general has relatively lax (or poorly-enforced) laws on computer crime. I remember my ex-girlfriend, who is Serbian, telling me that companies like eBay don't deliver to Serbian addresses because of rampant credit card fraud or something like that, and in order to get eBay deliveries sent to Serbia, some Montenegrin friends of hers (she would always refer to them as "hackers from Montenegro") would change the address from Serbia to Montenegro, but keep the rest the same, and it actually got delivered. I'm not sure if that story was true or not, but anyway, the point is I think in the former Soviet bloc and former Yugoslavia, there is generally a lot of computer crime and hacking and such. Some of the association probably comes from Soviet hacking during the cold war, as well as things like the cyber-attacks during the South Ossetia war.
Don't forget the accents. A bad-ass hacker needs a bad-ass accent.
maybe if their code is anything like their literature there can be just a handful of russian hackers, just reams and reams of their code

EDIT: anyone read any russian literature?
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