Smallest Hello World

what is the smallest hello world program you ever wrote. i mean in file size, not source length. if possible please give source in any language, and compiler name if you remember.
<BODY><p>hello world</P></BODY>
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i meant in a standalone executable format :\
what is the smallest hello world program you ever wrote
In what language?
Sometimes it is not possible to tell executable size: for example when language is interpreted, not compiled.

Smallest file size (does not remember, less that 100 bytes) — Assembly
Smallest source size: 1 character (byte) — HQ9+ ( )
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'Hello, World!'


I really, really should try again to learn that language. Then again, I should learn a lot of things.

Edit: oops, must be an executable?
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well you should have said that. you said "smallest hello world program you ever wrote. i mean in file size" but I don't know the size off hand
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i would expect people to know i meant a compiled language when i mentioned the compiler. also is HQ9+ even compiled
is HQ9+ even compiled
There is compilers for it.

Also I provided cases for both file size and source size.
If you're targeting MS-DOS, you can do it in 20 bytes:
Reading article Cubbi linked to, I realized, that you didn't specify OS, hardware or even format (com files which are plain processor instuctions vs proper executable which have tons of service information). So in theory we really can just make our own device which will print "Hello World" on command. And then we can make our program as small as 1 bit.
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