Learning C++

I am 14 years old and i have just started to learn C++ 3 days ago, and i need help with it.I need help with what commands do what and how to use them correctly, if anyone help me it will be very kind of you.
Thank you for replying to my topic, and for posting some links i'll reply if it works or don't work.
I recommend these books:

C++ Primer 5th Edition
Accelerated C++
C++ Programming Language 3rd Edition
by Bjarne Stroustrup

Why do people start learning so latteee
14 is not "late".
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14 years old is late? Hell that is very early to learn any programming language. A lot of people don't start until they hit college (18), I didn't start until 22 and a bunch of users here didn't start until 30+.

14 Is not late to learn, think of it this way once you get out of college you will have around 8-10 years experience under your belt, which puts you way ahead of the curve.
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I think I started when I was 12, but I didn't really learn much the first 2 years. Anything before 14 years is a bit unnecessary. You won't get that much out of it if you don't have the logical thinking needed that you get that later.
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I started at 11 with event-grid editor software and then started learning C++ from this site the summer before my freshmen year of high school. I'd say it was definitely worth it :)
It is still not necessary to get a good job in the industry to start that early.
Wat. So what does that make me?
Fred what do you mean?
You said anything below 14 is too early.
I think that makes you premature.
But seriously though, Fredbill30, 40% of what you say has something to do with age. What is up with that? Does it really matter that much how old you are, too us?
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Actually, *fixed my reply before I typed anything that has to do with age*
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Yea you say 14 is late, man I must have started in my stone-age years at 25
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