What is this? (Found in science classroom closet)

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Yes. But never cigarettes. Cigarettes kill.
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Fredbill30 wrote:
"Yes is there a problem with that?"

Yeah; you shouldn't be focusing on sexual activity at the age of 12 -- instead, why don't you run along and play with your action figures and leave the grown-up stuff to us grown-ups.

I don't play with action figures. Seems like you're against sexual activity with minors. You sicken me.
You're 12

$1,000,000 says you've never been with a girl, which is good anyways because you're 12.
You owe me 1 million.

Lol jk but I know plenty of my friends who have.

I don't think I'll want to until I'm 16 or older.

How did this start on asking what an object was to parma ham to getting laid anyway?
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Fredbill30 wrote:
You owe me 1 million.
Why? He never said it was a bet, he just like speaking with money.
No you misunderstood, $1,000,000 owes fredbill money. Fredbill was just reminding $1,000,000.
See, Lachlan gets it.

I swear you are the only person who gets my sarcasm. Do I seriously have to put sarcastic tags on every sarcastic sentance?
It's only sarcasm if people can tell it is. You can't just arbitrarily write something and say it's sarcastic. Because that totally works. Making it obvious is for losers.
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Yeah I didn't know it was sarcasm until you wrote Lol jk. So yes, sarcasm tags or post fixing with "not serious" would help. Or you could try and be less sarcastic.
Its like a drug addiction. I want to but I cannot. Sarcastic rehab?
I suppose you could use sarcasm responsibly so that people would know what you mean, for example rather than say;

"I would love to do your homework for you"

you could say;

"I would love to do your homework for the same reason i love sticking needles in my eyes"
Good grief.

In any case, sarcasm only really works when you say it the correct way:

"I would love to do your homework for you, except I have a date tonight, see..."


"I would love to do your homework. Oh, wait, no I wouldn't."
But in that way it just makes the jokes... well... terrible. I mean they make my normal jokes seem like the best jokes in the world.
Sarcasm relies largely on annunciation, which doesn't exist when communicating using pure text. That's why you have to be explicit about it, or don't do it at all.
Yes but in the way I use the words you should be able to make out what's sarcastic.
Yes, because so far that's worked out very well for you. My examples clearly don't demonstrate proper use of sarcasm.
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Yes but in the way I use the words you should be able to make out what's sarcastic.

I hope that was sarcasm.
LB, you have a point.

cire it wasn't sarcasm.
best thread ever
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