open sourcing my stuff

Hey girls and guys. These are a couple of my better projects and I have decided to open source them to see where they go (hopefully somewhere). The documentation is almost non-existent right now but because I have decided to do this I am going to get the code well commented in the next few days or so. However, I don't believe the code is that complex, it is good, but pretty straight forward.

For anyone that decides to participate, all improvements and well added features are welcome in the default branch, however, if you do a major workover, please branch it. Please comment all new code.

Both are written in C++ and use SDL. I know many of you are fans of SFML but I learned and know SDL. They are all in eclipse and the eclipse files are included so you can just import them.

The repositories are mercurial.

IRC-like chat server and client:

Asteroids clone:
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Looks cool. I might look into it.
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