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Not unless I convert it to a super PC and organize an attack on cplusplus.com

I kind of have a feeling thats something Rapidcoder would do.
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Just because your young doesn't mean you must be so immature.
Rapidcoder would organize an attack on poor coding, if anything.
Or non-Java coding... oh wait, he already is.
Nah, he's just strongly biased toward anything that runs on the JVM (not just Java).
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I'n bored, which explains my immaturity. I usually don't act like this.

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I usually don't act like this.
I would disagree, I've been paying attention.
Well you don't know me in real life. I actually don't hang around people much, but when I do I'm pretty outgoing. (I'm not socially awkward or anything, I just don't have a lot of time to spend hanging out with friends. Lot of sports + lot of homework = less time for friends.)

I'm only immature with my friends in the real world.
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Fredbill30 wrote:
I'n bored, which explains my immaturity. I usually don't act like this.

You're* one to correct.
Only second page and thread already completely derailed
How does one "steal a commuter train and hit a house"? I'm assuming the house was not on the tracks...
Maybe it's the slang "hit" like "let's go hit that house, I hear the owners are on vacation"? No idea.
The video clearly shows a train stuck in a house...
LOL, wow. I couldn't watch the video at school so I just made an assumption.
My solution to this problem was getting an HDD dock. In the long run it's cheaper, more convenient, and/or safer (in terms of data integrity) than screwing around with portable HDDs or DVDs. When I need more space I can just unload stuff onto an offline disk, or buy another one or two TBs without having to sell internal organs.
I recommend using an eSATA port with the above solution.

Huh, I've never heard of this. What's the process of adding/removing a hard drive? Can you hot swap them? Do you use a dock that supports multiple hard drives? eSATA performance is approximately the same as "standard" SATA, right?
A dock is just a hot-swap bay/enclosure. Apart from hot-swap it does not differ from other external enclosures. Some have place for more than one disk. It is not much cheaper.

One could buy an internal SATA HDD and plug it into eSATA port, if one has power for the drive. Some motherboards did include a bracket with eSATA port and Molex and external cables. You essentially did connect your disk into internal SATA port (with the eSATA hot-swap support).

One could buy external enclosure, where one plugs in the drive and which have their own power supply. I have one that I can connect either PATA or SATA drive to, and then use either eSATA or USB 2.0 link to computer.

One could buy "dock" that is just external enclosure with open hole to plug the drive in.

One could buy "external drive" that is just an external enclosure with a drive already in it and usually only one connector protocol. If it is USB, then the power might come via USB.

Hot-swap is hot-swap. USB is an example, but there it is the USB-device that connects and reconnects. Servers usually have disk hot-swap; you don't power off a server just for one disk needing replacement.
Since we're on the hardware topic, how can I connect PC together to make a super computer like that dude did with Raspberry Pis.
You have to program the inter-computer communication manually, just linking them together with network cables or USB cables won't do anything magical.
Dang. What's the cheapest external HD out there? I might have to borrow money from my mom and do extra chores to pay it off.
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