Ways to earn money?

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I need ways to earn money at my age in order to buy some stuffz. Any ideas?
I can't think of any legal ways, other than a paper route I suppose.
I was about to suggest prostitution but then I actually read the first post. I felt you should know.

I can't think of anything. You're right in the middle of that horrible stage where you're too old for a lemonade stand and too young to legally get a job.
Not too old for lemonade stand. Do lemonade stand, you have my support.
Sell some of your stuff on Ebay. Buy more stuff. Buy low, sell high.
No credit card?
Change "stuff" with "drugs" and "EBay" with "the streets".
I snorted all my cocaine. I can't.
Play Diablo III and trade on RMAH.
Become a famous Let's Player and sell merchandise.

Ask people to move their crap for them for money. Do not mess up though. I know several people who move thing first and then ask money to show where they moved it to.
Learn to program really well, then one day become really rich ;)
Are you trying to insult my skills? Lol jk.

Lets play stuff isn't realistic IMO.
What do you even need money for at your age?
Hard drives,
Flash drives,
Money for girlfriends, and friends.
Fredbill30 wrote:
Money for girlfriends, and friends.

I can see money for your "girlfriend" but I wouldn't pay your friends unless.....
... you have some really hot friends. (Was that what you wanted me to append?)
When I hang out with my friends I can't be broke.
do you want to borrow my idea? this will work, get some bread board and make a little radio transmitter, they sell well enough on ebay and are cheap and easy to make, get enough bits from broken electronics and a schematic from tinternet.

radio snoopers are really simple ass circuits and they are kind of fun little toys to buy and play with, think of them as snacks when you sell them to people.

I know a girl who makes little headress/diedem things with flowers on, shes studying physics but manages to still make 1k a week selling these little things on ebay, they look quite good but the point is people will buy them.

you can stick a little radio snooper in anything too so remember not to kill half of your market by making it geek only, girls love spy crap as much as boys too, just shove one in someting you could sell on etsy, its quirky enough to be popular straight away (think of a title on a basic looking alice band on etsy, spy on your boyfriend, just leave this hairband in his room and hang outside)

make and sell is the oldesst and most successful business model fredbill, nothing makes money like doing some sort of actual work

(that or get a kitchen job, they will rip you off but illegaly employ you :| )

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I know, do peoples homeworks and ask them to pay.

but illegal things include:

[-] Programming Malware - I swear if you do I will get you back for this I hate Hackers - You can easily earn 10k I know some hackers who do that but sadly they are grey hats. so they help Anti-Hacker's and hack so they are neutral so I do not hate nor like.
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Radio transmitters sound nice. How can I hook them up to a computer to tap into my buyer's convos?

EDIT : How do I read schematics?
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EDIT : How do I read schematics?

Not to sound mean, but the following site would help: http://www.google.com
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