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Kaspersky says (some) c++ programs are Trojans

Kaspersky found a couple of c++ .exe files and found them to be trojans (HEUR:Trojan.Win32.Generic) and 'disinfected' them, rebooted (upon reboot I also got a couple of error messages including something about a bad Windows image and lots of 0s).

It is now doing a scan and has found about 60 further trojans, all of which are c++ .exe files. Mostly compiled in Code::Blocks with MinGW I guess (whatever the default is) Should I be worried or are these all false positives? It's never found a c++ file of any sort to be malicious in the past, I suppose its database could have been updated recently and its throwing up some false positives, but I'm a bit concerned.

It's quarantining them all, and I'll do a scan with Malwarebytes afterwards.

Any suggestions?


EDIT: Is it possible that a virus could have 'infected' these .exe files?
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Any suggestions?

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Sterilize. Backup. Format. Reinstall.
Yes that can happen, as long as you know your code does not do anything malicious, tell your AV to ignore it. Maybe add it/the folder to the exceptions list.
Yes! It could trust me ,also use HijackThis and tell us the output.

Also keep scanning your computer with a full scan as these spread to other files. I never had problems with Kaspersky.
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Kaspersky is notorious for being overly paranoid.
Either that or you really have virus which successfully hides himeself from AV and infecting .exe files
I think the .exe files have been infected by the malware. It could also be a false positive. Read the best answer: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110205085815AA7lFs3

You could also lookup the trojan name on google.

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