Do any native English speakers still go into programming?

Long story short, I had problems with understanding my Bulgarian instructor so I switched classes to another instructor from Pakistan who also is hard to understand. To make matters worse, the guy next to me is from China who also I have a hard time understanding. WTF?????????????????

Is it too much to ask that my community college could hire a teacher that students could actually y' I mean, that probably just might help out the beginners out there new to this stuff.
I am a native English speaker and I program.
Well, that's what frustrates me. Our school hires those from other parts in the world and makes it difficult to understand the material. Most of the kids in my class were already learning this when they were still a zygote in the placenta.

They need to have beginners beginning c++ courses if that's how they plan on introducing their diversity. Don't call it beginning c++ when 99% of the class are only taking this to bump up their GPA.
I am a native English speaker and I program.
Have you spoken to your instructor, maybe he/she can help one on one. Or ask one of those there to "bump their GPA" to tutor you.
Well first off, I'm a native English speaker and I program but I don't know nearly enough to teach. On the other hand, I know exactly what you're talking about. A friend of mine was taking an online math class, and she just doesn't get math, to her it is a foreign language. She had an instructor that was not a native English speaker and it was so hard to understand him. I mean being an online class, you would think that didn't matter being all typed and everything, but this instructor must not know the proper grammar for English because words would be switched around or just a random word thrown in, I tried to help her but the instructor would also contradict themselves without even realizing it, and would not offer an explanation. It was extremely frustrating.
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I think only 1 of my profs is actually natively english, everyone else has some sort of accent but are still easily understandable. At least in computer science, in some of my other classes there are other issues like profs facing the board and talking to the wall so no one can hear them.
jackbruns28 wrote:
Our school hires those from other parts in the world and makes it difficult
Your school hires them because they're intelligent, not because of their nationality. You have to consider the other side of the story here, though. Maybe there aren't any native English speakers that want a job at your school? Maybe some applied for a position but don't match up to these other foreign sounding professors.
Instead of asking why your school can't hire native English teachers, maybe you should ask yourself what you're going to do about the situation you're in to better yourself? (i.e., go by your professors office, talk to them. If you need help. Ask.)
@Thumper -- you are correct.

English is my 3rd language, and most of the programming lecturer or professor here is all foreigner. They all speaks English, but sometimes it can come out as an alien language. The way that I handle it was to ask politely for the instructor to speak slower or the traditional method raise up your hand. Going to the office would be my last resort (get somebody to go with you, going alone is not a good idea).
Doesn't matter if they don't speak english remember you have a language in common.
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@ Filiprei

int main()
    return 0;

What do you think my program does ?
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You prrogram does "yatatatata yatatata"
can you get some speech recognision software? it could translate what the lecturer says into something you can read, and if his english is too bad for that you could sugest he borrow it
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