Wireless adapter prefrence

Hello! So I've had this computer for about 2/3 months, and I have one big problem with it, the wireless router. I have a Qualcomm Atheros AR9485, at the moment. the problem is that I used to use my friends computer at home and at work, and they never had a problem connecting to the internet in either place, but I do with mine all the time, most times it just won't fully connect or even if the router is on, it won't show up on my available connections. My friend had a Broadcom Bcm94313hmgb, I don't really know what factors play in connectivity to a router but, I'm not happy with the performance of this wireless card. So if anyone has any suggestions for a better card than the one I have, that would be great. also the broadcom card has bluetooth also which I also would like, but is not %100 necessary.
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