Computer "programme" ??

I am curious why "programme" is used quite so often on this site to refer to a computer "program".

Is this because speakers of foreign languages are importing the spelling from their own language? Or is it because some people just prefer the -mme form?

I gather US English always uses the -m form.

In UK English it is generally accepted that the -m form is used in the context of computing and the -mme for all other uses. The same deal in the cases of dialog/dialogue, catalog/catalogue, ... There are people who stick with what is seen by most to be as an out-moded -- or quaint -- spelling. But I would not expect to see "programme" on a cv! (to refer to a computer program, that is...)

Is Australian, New Zealand, etc usage different?


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I've always thought "programme" was for fancy plays and such, they hand you out programme flyers. Chrome doesn't even recognize the word, MS Word tries autocorrecting it to "program" (I even set it to UK English and it did the same).
It almost seems as though it would have a French pronunciation.
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