When did you really start programming

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By the way, did you ever mention when you started, AlitCandle? Doesn't seem fair for you to hold out on us when everyone else is sharing. :D
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Does it really matter when anyone started? This is not a competition! It looks like a lot of people think this is some type of competition. Especially fredbill and SpaceWorm. It is good with some friendly competition but this is just stupid. It doesn't matter if it took 3 weeks to learn about functions after "Hello World" or if it took half a year before you got to that part. Also if anyone is really interested in how early someone began programming they can check out their profile's or pm them if they are particularly interested in one person.
I see a pattern, the people that talk about what new programming languages they want to learn is usually the same people that talk about how they know everything at the age of 10-13 or whatever.
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Does it really matter when anyone started? This is not a competition!

+1 that.
Filiprei wrote:
Does it really matter when anyone started? This is not a competition!
+1 as well.
It didn't start as a competition. It got turned into one. There's nothing wrong with sharing about your early programming days. We just care to much about invalidating someone else's opinions or (the other way around) further validating our own. It helps to realize that no one cares. :P

something I meant to comment on earlier:
Daleth wrote:
All of these child prodigies...
Definitely not. I played soccer when I was 8 years old. That doesn't make me a childhood prodigy. That just means I played soccer when I was 8.

EDIT: spelling
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Is it wrong of me to request that AlitCandle return the favor of us sharing our stories by him sharing his?
Your name is Thumper because you are probably a world famous soccer player who makes a "Thump" sound when your feet make contact with the ball.

Thumper I see past you.
Google Image Search "Thumper" and you'll understand.
Bambi or the definition?
The bunny ;p
I did type "Thumper" to plain Google and the top hits were:
1. The images
2. Wikipedia (Bambi)
3. Wikipedia - Thumper

L B did give the "Image search" hint ...

Which leads to a question: Google has probably adjusted my results based on my searching history (although I'd rather not speculate on why images of bunnies rate high), but what does it give to you, Fredbill30?

More importantly, how many times have you seen that movie?

On original topic: I remember how one day I was asked whether I would rather program than work. Unfamiliar topic, but why not, so I got a source of existing program to learn from. C, mostly static arrays, but some Numerical Recipes routines for "dynamic memory", etc. Inherently lazy, I did read a book about C, then another about C++. Sadly, others have created website to list all the factual and logical errors in those books. While this only implies when, it tells how. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssfrVOaBA8A
I've watched Bambi quite a dew times. My brain must of blocked out the "Image Search" bit.
All,who think I am lieing I can swear on anything I am not when I mean passion I mean my favortie thing from 2010 before I used to program very less as I programmed only for few automations , I had more interest in Astronomy and 3 years ago I loved Programming. Sorry if I explained it wrong.

Besides I do not think it is a competition nor a struggle.

Also I did not even say I am he best, To be honest I am not even the best programmer here
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To be honest I am not even the best programmer here

Isn't that a bit harsh on yourself? We were all convinced you was the best programmer in the forums until you said that.

I never said I was the best nor the most talented. I said that becuase some person in this thread said I was saying I was the best so I said that I was not nor did I say I was.

And please stop with sarcasm.
Thumper reminds me of the HL2 thumpers.
They were called Thumpers weren't they?
SpaceWorm wrote:
who think I am lieing I can swear on anything I am not
Why are we so anxious for everyone's approval?

keskiverto wrote:
I did type "Thumper" to plain Google and the top hits were:
So much chatter about my nick name :p Also, that youtube video you linked to was perfect.

EssGeEich wrote:
reminds me of the HL2 thumpers.
They were.

Hmm. Someone else google "Thumperrr" (3 r's) and see what comes up. For me my GitHub page comes up as the first link, but I don't know if that's because google has monitored my search history or not. I like showing up as first links on Google :p
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Someone else google "Thumperrr" (3 r's) and see what comes up

Well first I get a "did you mean Thumper" an dthen if IU say search for "Thumperrr" I get you github page as well :)
ALitCandle wrote:
How old were you when you really started programming. How old are you now?

Hello World =/= Programming.

If C++ were your first language, at what age did you understood functions, object oriented programming, memory management, templates, etc.

Hello World == Programming

I have never understood why people say the entry learning code for languages isn't programming. If it wasn't programming they wouldn't bother having you do it as an introductory first program.

I started back in 1996 with C++ for DUMMIES and have coninually moved from one bad book to the next. I even own the ENTIRE Sams Teach Yourself C++ book line (10 min, 24 hour, and 21 days), so it is no wonder I have not learned as much as everyone else here because I keep getting the wrong books. I just recently ordered the used copies of Accelerated C++, The C++ Standard Library (pre-C++11), Effective C++, More Effective C++, and Effective STL (then I spoiled myself by getting a Wacom Bamboo tablet for my computer). Hopefully reading these books and doing the examples will finally give me that "Ah-ha!" moment so that everything makes sense and I can start programming more serious apps that actually challenge my abilities rather than rehashing similar ideas over and over.
BHXSpecter wrote:
I started in 2008 with the same book (probably a different edition). I've read better ones.

Accelerated C++ was real good, I took a lot away from that book. I should probably pick up (More)Effective C++ as well.
I have "Exceptional C++" by Herb Stutter that has been good to me as well.

I did some stuff at 13 in C++. I didn't really understand some things like pointers and how to use classes and functions in a meaningful way. I don't really remember why, but after 8th grade started I just kind of stopped. Everything I wrote back then was terribly written anyway. I bounced from Internet tutorial to Internet tutorial. This is a big mistake I think a lot of new people make. You should get always learn from a book with videos as a supplement. I picked it back up at 14 and everything just started to click for me. Now I am reading Professional C++ and it has really opened my eyes. It not only teaches you all the syntax but it also teaches you to plan out what you will code before you code and how to use abstraction.

I'm still 14 but I don't like broadcasting that or calling myself "young programmer" >.>

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