C++ Skype chat

Hey all ,

Couple days ago,I created a new skype chat for C++ programmers.

Mainly it's for begginners,because I'm one of them ,but it's not just for the begginners!

If anybody wants to join it,just add me to skype ! Mantasxxl3

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We are 8 atm!

... What?

I don't understand your English...
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An IRC would be better.... speaking of which do we have an IRC for the forum goer's here?
We had an IRC somewhere, but it died or something IIRC.
Those of us that are working on the ChessPlusPlus project idle around irc.freenode.net #ChessPlusPlus if you want to stop by.
Yeh,sorry for my english :D

In my opinion skype is better than IRC;

"We are 8 atm " = there are 8 people (without me ) in my skype group at the moment...
Thanks for the info @Thumper I'm probably going to hang around there often.
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