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Interesting occurance: yahoo answers keep deleting my questions about problems with logging into telnet!!

I made some websites, I have permission to mess with other peoples websites to my hearts content so everything i want to do is above board, just I had a little trouble with TELNETTing into ftp sites,

So I hop onto yahoo answers, I ask in computer->networking, internet, and other at different times but questions like

"My email address isn't accepted as a password for anonymous login to ftp"

(with an explanation)

I make it clear that im using my own websites.

they all get deleted! they are legitimate questions about struggling with telnet!!

if you dont believe me try it, ask something that seems a bit close to hacking but isnt and see if someone thinks its inapropriate, remember to keep it a genuine problem you are having to test them for unreasonableness
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Not all places allow anonymous FTP login. Are you sure it's set up right?
it says "anonymous login " okay but the email is always incorrect as a password!!
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Try leaving the password blank.
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Yahoo Answers is awful, you'll probably have better luck on something like Server Fault.

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Most likely a fault spam handler. You should make your paragraph long but in a way tell them the same amount of info.
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