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Do you guys know of any books on how computers work?

I was told to read about this before learning assembly. Should I just get a computer science book?
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Basically just get a book on computer architecture. Outside of that I don't know, but learning assembly really shouldn't matter on that. Though, assembly is fairly easy if you put effort into it. Just have to find a good assembly book as they normally cover enough at the beginning to make it through.
How are you going to learn assembly , through a book ? a course ? Consider reading the book
Art of Assembly

Get the old edition's ebook , it takes you through some basics that would be enough for having a good grasp over assembly.

Alternatively you can use the internet to know more about computers and their internal working.
To give you an idea : Silicon > Doped > Logic Gates > Everything hard e.g (Digital Comparators , binary adders , subtractors , multiplexers , latches , registers etc. + buses > Processors , Interrupt Handlers , bus controllers ) > Software.
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