Your First and Biggest Project


I was interested in what your First and also what your Biggest Project. I also wish to know why you programmed that project and when programming your first project did you ask for help?

Now to answer my own question:

1. My First Project and did you need any help?
answer: Called SafeBox which was a basic version of A SandBox in which it simply gains information about a process after every 10 seconds then simply feeds it back to me.
I needed a simple help in a for() loop did it back in 2005. I did other small programs but not projects.

2. My Biggest and most unique Project?

answer: My Largest and Biggest Project was a Anti-Virus and a Test Malware.
Basically My Anti-Virus will proactively check all windows system files and other environment[s] and if any changes happen which points to a Malware it will destroy the Malware. USING HEURISTIC[S] scans

And for that I needed a Malware to test on so I made my own Malware called: Trojan.TestPrototype.LOW

Which uses Global hooks such as hooking ntdll.KiSystemFastCall and such to gain advantage to avoid Anti-Virus but thanks to my Anti-Virus it was detected Anyway I gave the source code to multiple AV vendors for research purposes and such.

Of course may have did a more useful project and a bigger please share with us.


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I worked on only one thing that can be called a project. An iOS app that a company can use to manage its emplyees and their tasks. I'm working on it now, during the internship part of a programming course, and I ask for help a lot. After all I've been using objc for only 3 months and the lessons were pretty rushed.
Hello world if that counts. If not a candy sales tracker.

Now my biggest project is my secret game I'm making with this RPG engine I made.

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1. An pong game in console. I don't remember whether I have finished it but as far as I remember, one my first questions on this site was about it.

2. A cross-platform partition editor for MBR and GPT disks and disk images. I plan to release a stable version in summer and maybe one day it will be as good as GParted.
Wow! Keep on comming it is good to see what others program as projects in their spare time.
My first real proiect was a fire emblem clone on the Nintendo DS. It was quite the jump into cplusplus.

My biggest project was definitely my disgusting attempt at a game engine, learned a lot from that project though.
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