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Anybody wanna personally teach me (not beginner) C++

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I am familiar with basic C++. Basic being creating functions, variables, initializing variables, and printing on the screen. I am not offering any cash nor will I pay. If you're asking, "Well why would I waste my time teaching someone C++ for free?" The benefit you will get is hopefully getting a programming buddy. I am a fast learner and I have a good background knowledge of computers. I just want someone to take me under their wing since that's the easiest way to learn programming. Once I learn from "you" I hope that we can work together or something. THANKS!

NOTE: I am 14 and no I am not immature. Please do not teach me because I am 14 mostly talking to adults here.

I have skype for contacting or if you have something else in mind tell me.

Email: overratedprogrammer@gmail.com
Skype: MrFastDrag (Dusty)
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If you are interesting I can send you some links for some of the beginner programs I made.
Ok I can help but only if you take me seriously and don't ignore me because my age.
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The best way to learn is from a book. If you must have a "buddy" I advise against it being Fredbill30 who barely knows the language himself.
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Are you insulting me? What sources do you have to say I do not know the language myself? Just a glimpse of what I'm working on now: http://prntscr.com/16jgae
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can i see programs (im likley same stage as you+0.1)

yeah im kind of at same stage as fredbill ^_^

but im 28
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Fred what lib did you use?

I can help you learn then we can work on projects.

If you think I am a good candidate PM me please. regarding this subject.
fun2code walked me through linked lists, it was beautiful
@SpaceWorm what kind of projects do you normally code?
@Script Coder

I do a lot of projects from Games to Security applications. I can also work with anyone I am very flexible with whom I work with and when I work with them.
Do anything in the lines of competitive algorithms? Also, you seem to be interested in malware and the likes, am I correct in saying this?

@Script Coder
Personally yes, I love programming software which has constantly competition and well, I am not a hacker but a White-Hat (A good Guys) thats why I make AV and not Virus.

The reason I program AV and other Security Related stuff is due to the fact security Softwares increase programming knowledge so much and it is a ever changing world so you can learn new things every day.

I do occasionally program games and Entertainment application but majority of the Time I read up Information about AV programming and stuff.

What do you program?
I in the top 10 of my countries best teenage programmers, so I generally code algorithmic solutions. I have never really made any major projects (the biggest to my memory is a simple RE parser, and that was crappy). I want to make larger projects but time is a problem, and also finding someone or people. I tried to help with the ChessPlusPlus project, but it went above my head, as I had never co-oped in such a way before, and also there are some pretty good developers in there and I felt like a noob. So that is where I am hoping we can find a shared interest.
@Script Coder


"top 10 of my countries best teenage programmers"

What country and do they actually have an official list for that?
Filiprei I used SDL.

AlitCandle He asked about the standard library were I don't pay much attention to besides vectors and fstream (and iostream obviously)

Script Coder what country are you from?
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Googling for "best teenage programmers", I only got one hit. Apparently...

Kimberly Ovitz is ... one of the best teenage programmers ...

But only thanks to some strange automatic translation from (prob) Cantonese.

Kimberly Ovitz is one kind of one of the best teenage programmers as well as Grinnell cardigan was a bit I required due to her series girls essence is really important for her for my child individuals practically different kinds re spots ...

I think they're talking about this Kimberly Ovitz, the fashion designer

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@andy I said in my country, I am hoping to go to the IOI next year :)
@AlitCandle I could but that would reveal my real name, etc. and I do not want to do that :| If there is any other "proof" you may require, feel free to ask/PM.

Lay of guys. I am not going to make any type of judgement of him. It could be true. And besides does it really matter if he is in the Top 10 programmers list or not.

If any of you thought properly the people who programmed Windows are not the best programmers but yet they created the most used software product so it really does not matter about being the best programmer.

besides he is not saying he is the best programmer infact he admitted there are people who are better than him at programming.

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