Maths help

Hi, i really want to do computer science in college however i need to get a B in maths GCSE. Only problem is i'm rubbish at maths(i got an E in my last test) I really want to be good at maths, can u guys give me suggestions on how to improve, and are there any good maths books i can learn from.

-I already practice and learn from khan academy-(i really need a good maths book to learn from the ground up to high level maths)

Did I not already reply to a similar thread of yours? Please rather edit your previous post rather than starting a new one.
i got into a comp sci degree course, had to go through the foundation route and prove that I can learn maths, even though i left school with a D in maths!!!
i need some good books
Well, what grade are you in? What information do you need? Also, I am pretty sure you can get everything you need directly from the internet.
When I had to study math in high school I found out that I was able to remember a lesson only if I did a lot of exercises after it.
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