Need a Favor: Exceeded PM daily limt.


I am having problems PMing Script Coder about something we are doing to gather. It says PM Daily Limit Exceeded.

So can someone please PM Script Coder for me please would really thanks you if you are PMing him for me can you say:

"Space Worm Cannot PM you becuase his limit is excedded look at this thread: "

Did this ever happen to you.


BTW: Please do not PM me today because I will not be able to reply. I had messages from 10 different people of help of Windows API. Just post here questions and such, sorry for inconvenience
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Lol SpaceWorm, never had that problem. Just email me, you have my email, right?
nope is it the one I told you?
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Just Emailed you.
Did you get my Email?
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What is your email?
Mine is:
closed account (1yR4jE8b)
It isn't very smart to put your email in a publicly view-able forum like this one.
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well it is not my proffensional email It is a brand new email and I have four more emails this has no personal info

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