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I'm on Windows 7, the firewall blocked its network privileges and informed me. I imagine it's probably just Unity connecting (to what?) for whatever reason, in expectation for the game to need a connection, even though yours doesn't.
Well, Tryed to scan is manually and ran a Bot-Killer and it is not a Malware so it must be a faulty Unity Configuration.

Dissammbly of this game is amazing try to dissemble it, I may even made try if I can get the shellcode\ hex lol which we can try inject it and excecute it. Which would be crazy.


Very good game, challenging, but not too hard. Just so I'm clear the end of the game is after the narrative saying there is no purple cube correct? Also I agree that you can't really tell which layer you are on, a suggestion would be to add some lighting and shadow, so you can tell where you are when you jump also
=) Thank you for the feedback twiggystardust. Yessir, the end of the game is after the narrative says there is no purple cube. I will make sure I add some lighting and shadow. I appreciate your feedback, sir!
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