So, how bout that Rust-lang?

I was linked to this project on git hub that aimed to show an application written in rust running freestanding. After looking through the code I decided to play with the language my self. I gotta say, I really like it's syntax. I spent a good 15 minutes or so just playing around with it. Not something I'd use day to day (not just yet at least) but definitely something I'd say is worth checking out.

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link to the project mentioned for those curious
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Is this another iteration of those stupid jokes a la duckroll, or did you just get your copy buffer mixed up?
The syntax does indeed look very nice. Once I get a new storage device I can actually download it to mess around with it.

Was it actually used in any commercial app yet?
Mix up. Woops!
It looks very interesting and according to wikipedia it offers pure functional support. I thought it was compiled, and thus freestanding already, unless I am not understanding the definition of freestanding? I think I will try it after I am done learning haskell.
By free standing they mean something easy to run on the metal, e.g. without an operating system.
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