NYS Open Carry for Muskets?

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Well I don't want this to turn into some gun debate I just want clear, civilized answers. I was wondering if it is legal in New York state to carry a Brown Bess musket in public.

I know I am not old enough to own one, but if you really want to know why, ask me.
A Brown Bess... that depends. How old is it?
Just a replica. Would it make a difference if it was an antique?

Script Coder when I reach the age where I can buy muskets I want to look like a bad ass with a musket strapped to my back and wearing a redcoat uniform. Then I can talk in a British accent and talk about historical news and travel the east coast.

For example :
"Hows it going."
"Good, but did you see what the rebels caused down in Boston? They threw the TEA in the harbor!"
*By this time the guy is stunned*

I want to be a redcoat 'cause they look cool.

A guess this officially makes me a nerd.

Oh and also if some dude tries to mug me I can go all Connor Hathway and pull out 2 flintlocks and a Brown Bess will be strapped to my back. 3 enemies will be dead however if I have 2 double barrel flint locks (Seperate mechanisms) thats 5 enemies dead.

Don't forget the damage they do so all the enemies will miss a head or a limb.
Fredbill30 wrote:
Oh and also if some dude tries to mug me I can go all Connor Hathway and pull out 2 flintlocks and a Brown Bess will be strapped to my back. 3 enemies will be dead however if I have 2 double barrel flint locks (Seperate mechanisms) thats 5 enemies dead.
If I lived in Chico, California, I would carry a nuclear bomb for self defense: BAM and all of your enemies are dead, no matter now many of them here.

And on top of that it is only $200 fine: small price for safety.
Chico Municipal Code wrote:
9.18.040 Violation.
Any person who violates this chapter shall be liable for a civil penalty of not less than
two hundred dollars ($200) for one act, five hundred dollars ($500) for two acts, and one
thousand dollars ($1,000) for each subsequent act constituting a violation.
First of all, your strange obsession with killing people is unhealthy.

Second of all, you are being stereotypical by suggesting how all British drink tea or talk about tea.

Rather than post on a programming forum, I suggest you post in a "badass" forum.

You are an idiot...

Just because this is the lounge doesn't mean you should post any random crap that comes to your head.
Actually I can. This is the lounge. You're an idiot.

SpaceWorm The Boston Tea Party was an actual event, Lol.

Anyway this is a serious topic. Please answer it.
Well, seeing as AlitCandle does not post random crap and expect a serious answer. He does not troll, all day it is you who is any idiot.

If I may say , go home to your parents ask them buy you Call Of Duty so you can play rather than posts useless threads. You are still young you have lot to learn.

Not trying to sound rude but it is the way it is. You cannot go calling other idiots without looking at your self.

Thanks thats The only I have to say. Unless he insults which I have other things to say.
Fredbill30 wrote:
Actually I can

Can =/= should.

People here don't like your attitude. You should change it. At the moment, I don't dislike you because you're young and I'm sure I was the same way at your age, and I think other members would do well to remember how they likely behaved when they were 12 (on or off of forums); but I do dislike the way you behave. You are very arrogant. It's normal for your age, but it's still annoying. If you can't change the way you behave, you will continue to receive cynical remarks telling you to go elsewhere. You can change that by not being annoying.

Said it like a Boss,
I am quite young only 17 but the thing I can put $10,000 suggesting that there are lot more programmers who are much better than you.
I used to be similar to you FredBill30 but with a little less arrogance but if you go to the more advanced forums you will notice thousands of programmers who have more knowledge in whatever your "field" is.

Any real-time programmer will know this, that in employers eye not only skill matters but also how flexible and how well they can cope and work in a group. Select few here , in this forum, have a quite a low level expectation of you. Those select few are the Advanced Members here.
Let me clear this up for you:
Trust me turn your attitude around before it effects your Employment. We know you are young but these type of habit(s) are physiological and in most case(s) will stick to you for a long long time possibly decades.
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When did this turn on to my programming skill? This is a musket thread.

Space Worm I have all the CODs and they are crap.

This isn't random but a serious question I've been asking.

Also I can bet 1 million that there is a better programmer than everybody here.

I don't know why you guys are bashing my when I ask a serious off topic question that belongs in the lounge.

I know that people are much MUCH better than me I know many who are better. Nor have I ever said that people are not better than me so you cannot just assume.

Next, we can see your arrogance through your programming threads and we are referring back to that to tell you.

If I check back to all of your threads you participated in, we can all see you trolling around.

The more important thing, which comes to mind is that you troll other threads and when we bash in one of your , low quality , threads you ask as if you do not know why we are doing this. This just, also shows you are a selfish young boy who expects to be treated like a KING while you treat us like idiots.

The much more serious thing is that your, previous "trolling" , naturally puts us into thinking this is one of your "troll" episodes.

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I don't know why you guys are bashing my when I ask a serious off topic question that belongs in the lounge.

Can =/= should.
... I'm telling you this isn't random. I want to know if it is legal or not. Just a quick civil answer. I just want an answer.
Ask your local police station. They should know better.
theres something dumb about guns I cant say what it is,
when are we going to come up with something that just makes you fall asleep faster and safely and can still punch through cars, i know it sounds difficult but if its made then lethal guns can be banned with no threat to anyone's "freedom", no one dies, no killing sprees, no "collateral damage" wheres the drive to find an alternative?

well I think tiny little deadly drones are going to negate guns one day, survivalists,tea partiers and gunfanatics aren't going to be able to do much about them so they shouldnt be scared of the people trying to take their guns,

they shud be worried about the mothership.
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Well what would I look like going to a police station at the tender age of twelve asking if a firearm was legal to carry in public.
Think about what would you look like showing in public with firearm. And probably in police station several minutes later.
Better warn them before, so there would comfortable place ready for you.
No but if it isn't against the law to do it, there will be no problems.

But I just want to know if it's LEGAL.
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