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What libraries do professional game programmers use to make there games? Probably a silly question, but just curious. Thanks.
A few use SDL (CS:S and TF2 for example). Lots use DirectX; some use OpenGL although that's not a library, it's an API. Fallout 3 and GTASA use libvorbis. Quite a few use Bink Video, although that's proprietary. Some use zlib.

You can just look through the .dlls in the folders of video games you have installed.
Toys: Gamemaker, Dark GDK
Modeling tools: D3DS Max, Blender, Milkshape3d

Pure GUI: QT, GTK,...
Full-blown suites: SDL, SFML, Ogre (minus sound and full physics), Iirlicht

BBB suite and sandboxes: Unity, Blender, C4
Physics: Havok, Physx, Bullet
Graphics APIs: Opengl, Direct X
Raw System API: WINAPI, BSD, Unix driver writing

AAA quality sh!t:
Unreal 3 toolkit, Torque, Unreal 4...many more.

I would start with sfml if I were you and you had a functional understanding of classes, structures, functions, datatypes, boolean logic, conditionals, and loops.

Pros don't usually directly fiddle with DirectX or GL unless they are making a graphics library. In the industry they use wrapper APIs to simplify and speed up development. Going headfirst into D3D or GL would be like getting kicked in the balls if you don't know anything about memory and event driven programming.
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Cool, thanks for answer!

Thank you aswell! I did use Gamemaker for a while, it's a great program, I think it has helped me a lot while learning C++. Thankyou for your advice, very helpful!
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no prob glad you valued my advice.
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