Do you like math?

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Are you good at it?
Do I like it?: Yes.
Am I good at it?: No more than algebra.
Do I like it: Kinda.
Am I good at it: Yes, but anything higher than 12 times table I have to work out on paper unless I use it frequently.
Do I like it?
Yes. Hell, I am even planning to write an essay on the Abel-Ruffini theorem.

Am I good at it?
I'm in Calculus BC now, and several students already make jokes about whether I'm actually human or not. I think that's enough evidence for a "yes."
I'd prefer writing than math.
Fredbill30 wrote:
I'd prefer writing than math.

You like math very much don't you? :d
I actually do like math, however I really love languages.
Yes, I am good at Math and I do enjoy it. I do get one of the best grades in my middle school and college.
Of course I do not like all of maths topics I really only take interest in:

- Geometry
- Trigonometry
- Algebra
- Calculus
- Integral

I do not really like other math related topics.

Well, it is my personal choice.
I never got involved until recently, but im satisfied with observing how it works

yeh that came out weird,
I was afraid of maths but now Im learning it I can see it is profound.

been distracted all day, im not aware of what im typing
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I'm in pre-calculus right now, after aceing the 'remedial' stuff (was placed by sat scores...). Anyway:

Yes I'm goos at math.

No, I hate math, I despise math. I've never found multiplying polynomials to be applicable in my field ever. I suppose that only applies when you design video games or art. I'm in the sciences though (yes thats math-heavy too, but I don't have to get a math-heavy job).
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I love math, and especially learning about more about number theory. I don't really like math in schools though.
yes, I like and enjoy math, but you won't catch me working through a stack of algebra problems for the fun of it (or usually won't)
pre-calc now, mainly like algebra and trig, and also always love learning new stuff!
Do I like it? I love mathematics.(Algebra,Trigonometry,Calculus,(!Geometry) )
Am I good at it ? I got A1 in my grade 10 exams , i guess i qualify as good at least at high-school level.
Yes and Yes.
It's all about Laplace transforms. I had so much fun with that in my ODE class.
I like math, but I am not as good as I want to be. I even had Bs in some parts of tensor calculus and I think calculus of variations.
Cubbi wrote:
I like math, but I am not as good as I want to be.
Same here, I have somehow managed to make it through Calc III (multivariable calculus) last semester but only got a D. I'm planing to review the material over the summer and try to get a better understanding of it.
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Do I like Math? Yes I do.

Am I good at it? Not as much as I would like to be. There is still plenty of things Helios says that I have no clue what he is talking about lol.

SpaceWorm wrote:
I do get one of the best grades in my middle school and college.

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