Do you like math?

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That's exactly what I was thinking while reading this topic again.
Do I like math? Hell NO
I love it. I have always had a passion for numbers.

Am I good at maths?
Hell yes :) I get 99-100% for most of my Maths exams (including topics on trigonometry, euclidean geometry, and basic calculus (derivatives and integration).

Abel-Ruffini theorem.

That sounds like an interesting theorem, I think I'll do some research on it.
Do I like math? At this point 99% of what I do in school is math-based, so yes.

Am I good at it? I'm suffering through complex analysis right now, which is interesting, but pretty damn hard. I'm doing alright in it.

I've done well in Multivariable Calc, Diff Eq., Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, and Abstract Algebra, anyhow, but graduate level math is significantly harder than any of these courses, so I'd say I'm fine but not great.
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I like discrete :P : {set theory, functions, permutations, combinatorics, and graph theory}, geo/trig, and linear algebra. Any proof heavy math with application. Any math that I foresee eventually using is enjoyable. Any other math I'll pay someone to help with :).
I like turtles math. I'm also good at it, but only the abstract concepts - I'm terrible at doing basic addition in my head, but I can easily understand complex numbers, derivatives, and integrals.
I don't like math but I'm good at it from addition to division arithmetic through pre-algebra (not algebra) to BASIC geometry (not completely geometry)
I enjoy math. I like to think I'm decent at it as well. So far the only math class I haven't really liked has been statistics. It's just incredibly tedious with no real challenge involved.
Not really - I hate writing two pages of workings just to get 5 mark out of 100 and to answer a chain question that basically saying if u can't answer A, u are doomed with B C D E.

Don't think so - my lecturer said "How can u create a program that use the formula given and then display the correct answer but failed to use the formula correctly in the exam?" and I answered "The math logic just escapes me when I writing them down on paper."

Actually, on the AP exam I answered parts BCDE but not A for one of the questions. 5/5, not 5/100.
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@L B

Well the exam here in the uni that I'm currently in, they would normally give u part A (20 short questions, one liner or multiple choice) and part B (we call it essay questions) 5 questions with 1.a-1.e, 2.a-2.e and so on. And normally on part B u would need to know the answer to the previous question or questions to answer it and they would normally need u to write down a page or two just to answer question 1.a and that just makes my head spins especially when there is no formula given. (I don't have a good memory to store all the formula needed)

Owh the 100 marks amount to 40% of the semester marks.
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<Do you like it?

Used to, but now I am quite out of touch and I do get the jitters whenever I have to read about a maths intensive concept on a wiki. Maybe I am scared of all those symbols (summation, belongs to etc).
Seems like I do bad in school but I do good in my programs.
Yes. I accel in calculus, discrete math, and of course algebra.
I particularly also like differential equations and building proofs.
I find linear algebra the most practical field of math because transforming coordinates is detrimental to 3d space, as well as modeling and game programming.
If you stop posting for 12 seconds, you'll get your wish.
I don't see Math as something to love or hate, I see it as a tool. So I guess I like math; as in, I like having as many tools as I can have to help me build great programs.
I respect math a great deal, as well as those that are good at it.
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee maths ^_^

although I have forgot a lot of rules in advanced maths, but I still like helping my young brother & sister in there maths exams
Now this is a good idea of a nick, "CPlusPluser".
my family banned me from talking to them about maths :(

I was all excited telling them about project Euler and how far i got and i get told to shut up and drink beer and/or take more drugs.
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