Oxford Comma

Do you use it? Why, or why not?

And to prevent this from devolving into a bunch of stupid images pointing out funny situations that result from using or not using it, I will include them all: http://goo.gl/SUuFx

Keep it classy.
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I was under the impression that the Oxford comma was part of standard usage in the USA. Is this not the case?

I only use it when things would otherwise get confused, e.g.: "The foo is available in red, white, and red and black."

Why? It's what I was taught at school (in the UK) and am therefore familiar with. I think some UK school districts follow Oxford, and other's don't, but I'm not sure what the split is.

I did spend a year at an American school as a kid, and I remember being confused about the extra comma. But nowadays I'm used to it.

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If it makes sense to use it, I do; if it doesn't, I don't.
Depends on the case. If it makes more sense with, I will. If not, I won't. And there are cases where it doesn't make that much sense.
When I was in junior elementary school it was standard usage in the USA, but nowdays it depends on your editor.

Best use it (or not) depending on the most appropriate mode for your context.

My personal opinion matches this guy's:

Commas have other important uses as well. For example, it can save lives.

Let's eat grandpa!
Let's eat, grandpa!
I always use it because I like it, even though I was taught against it in school. Those times when I had to write something of consequence (books and scientific articles), I had editors to change it if that contradicted their MOS.
I thought that was part of the English Language. I still use it.
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