I broke the internet?

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The easy way (if you live in Florida like me):

Go to Disney, they have THE FASTEST INTERNET IN MILES!!!!
Write a PoD program in assembly (using interrupts)...

Enter the website IP... And wait about 10 minutes.
They would find it hard to trace you (if they even try), because Disney is PACKED!!

The internet speed (at some parts of Disney) exceeds 512Mbs a second!
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Haha, I know a guy on another continent and his internet is 1 or 2 GB/s, not even kidding. He lives in a remote area :p

EDIT: Oh, and I found the site I was talking about:
Just look at the source HTML - the tags are off balance XD
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GB or Gb?
Whichever measurement speedtest.net uses. I think I bookmarked the png result image, but I can't find it.
Definitly one or two Gbs a second. 1GB a second is faster than Google.
A gigabit a second is about as fast as available right now.
It's definitely Gb, AFAIK there is no media that can support that kind of speed.
@Naraku, there is. Cat6a supports up to 10 Gbps (1.25 GBps). Fiber supports much higher.
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Very true, my mistake.
But it's just not a speed an end user sitting at home is going to get to the Internet :)

Why would you do that?

Look, Say I infect few more hundreds of the people there I can increase size of my Botnet thus I can use them for DDOS and spam and make even more money
Ok. Have fun with that.
I dont know why, but for some odd random reason, Fredbill30 reminds me of GIR from Invader Zim.
I always found botnets to be fascinating.
Same, I sometimes make Bots (Malware) similar to ZeuS and SpyEye but it is me testing to see if my AV (I made one) can detect it and find a way to kill it.

Thing is the these Botnets are changing into P2P using UDP protocol thus it is now harder to detect them. That is what I find fascinating about Malware in general, the way they change in matter of few years.

The most interesting part of Malware is programming one, last test malware I coded could bypass every AV SandBox out there.

Back in the day, all the malware(s) were programmed by students who learnt a programming language just for a joke then release it as a joke but now it got all serious, ZeuS formgrabbing to steal credit card details. Malware(s) now have potential to make Millions for Owner. In 2001 students made malware for fun and to prove themselves and were worth few thousands of dollars , 2013 professionals make Malware to make money and are worth billions of dollars.

Thats the reason I like to read analysis about Botnets and re-create my "better" version, of course I never release it into the wild.

Besides Malwares uses creative techniques that most people do not use such as doing RunPE using unusual API and detouring EIP. So there is a lot to learn there.
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You make that sound sooo fun. Where can I find how to make those? (Not for bad purposes obviously)
Obviously most of the website which tell you make them are malicious and probably in FBI list for Cyber Crime and unless you wish to end up in the FBI suspicious list then feel free to visit it and get a criminal record for misuse of computers.

I make them using knowledge and reverse engineering, I can help you make them I will not be giving any 0days I found though cuz they sell for $100,00 in black market even though I may never get to selling it I am not going to give you stuff like that because they are custom.

Trust me you need so much knowledge in Windows API and Kernel programming that it will take 5 years before you can make a decent one.

Also if you do use a proxy and look there the chances are that the code does not even work because hackers do not give code for free without any error such as jumping in hooking and injection because they do not want Skids to make cheap versions of the malware which would be sold.

Also to be honest once a botnet has more than 50k bots FBI will be proactively looking for you becuase 50k has almost 1TB worth of DDOS power capable of slowing Microsoft and PayPal but not causing a Denial of Service but can down 98% of the sites in internet.

The thing is if you report a Exploit to Microsoft you get a reference, and that's what I did thus I got reference from them so Malware programming does help in future but only if you do it for study and not for malicious intent.

PM me if interested.
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Most malware is trivial, at best.

It's easy to make malware that isn't detected too...
Especially if you have a large amount of AVs, then you can test it.

The hard part, is making one that will not get detected, then added to the AV's lists.

I am almost positive that if you released any malware, it would eventually get found (if spread enough),
then it would be added to the AVs, thus no longer spreading, but regressing instead.

You should post you AV, I know it's probably not as good as the big names, but it sounds cool.
My only wonder is wether it will set off my Avast!
I want to use them for AVs, and anti-hacking.

Lately I have been thinking into releasing my Bot for test purposes. So I may make a thread dedicated to that and my AV.

I tested it with Avast and it did not set it off so it can bypass:

So it is quite good.

The thing is my Malware and others around have a feature called Botkiller which means it kills other Malwares on system so that the my Bot will be the only malware on the system thus having more power and more information to steal

The thing is there are few more AV's it can bypass but they are not even famous therefore naming them is not worth.
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The thing is my Malware and others around have a feature called Botkiller which means it kills other Malwares on system so that the my Bot will be the only malware on the system thus having more power and more information to steal

So basically like an AV Program? XD
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