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True you said you overlooked, but you used the wrong words then.
Fredbill30 wrote:
I overlooked the post, sorry.

Which comes across as you didn't even read it, but rather just saw the subject and replied. This looks bad because the way you said it and the post you were referring to was the first post of the whole thread.
Yea but I think you knew what I meant.
Sorry to necro but I just have to post this.

The first one to post is a highschooler who claims hes a hacker, the second is my friend, my age. He has the longer name. Just laugh at the highschooler's scriptkiddieness
Looks like the two were exhibiting equal amounts of scriptkiddieness to me. Why do you post this crap? It isn't remotely interesting to watch children posture on the internet.
Well it was funny...

(To me)
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Honestly, to me, it looks more like you bickering with a friend.

Funny to one person is boring and pointless to the next.
It wasn't even me who was posting, it was my friend bickering with a highschooler who claimed he was some hacker.

Well I can't read your minds to know what's funny to y'all and what's not.
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What I do find funny is how you seem to love bashing other people by calling them "script kiddies", or somehow try and make it seem like you are somehow superior to all your peers. When in reality you yourself are nothing more then a "script kiddie".

Yes you deny it and say you know how to program and know about computers, but judging from the little code you have posted on this forum so far and your general remarks and questions it is quite obvious your knowledge isn't that great. I have even asked you a few times to produce code and you never have.

You have to realize that we could care less how little or how much you know. We won't think less of you because you are just beginning as a programmer and we wouldn't think you are the coolest person in the world if you were the best programmer.

So I would suggest you stop worrying about everyone else's skill levels and concentrate on your own.

@fred, listen to zereo, you can be cool and a beginner at the same time, that goes for everything apart from sex.

I remember at highschool everyone was very insecure, no one would complement each other and a lot of kids would rub how good they were at something in peoples faces (basketball or skating or something pointless and irrelevant) you would be surprised how effective a bit of humblness or a compliment can be to an indivivual in a insecure enviroment, experiment with it.
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Wait when did you ask me to produce code?
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Gezz its a pain to have to this bug where I have to sign in over and over again.

But anyways here is one time

and your reply

Fredbill30 wrote:
I can send you my source code but give me a day or two because I'm grounded from my lappy and I have to make the code more readable.

About a month ago and still nothing :(.

But this is besides the point. My point was instead of concentrating on what everyone else skill level you should concentrate on your own studies. Also it doesn't matter how skilled you or anyone else is it won't really change anyone perception of you. We won't judge you by your skill level at least most won't.
I don't. D;

Anyway I can get you the source of my rpg but I'm getting help with a fstream error atm.
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Anyway I can get you the source of my rpg but I'm getting help with a fstream error atm.

Why does that matter? I would be glad to help you with the error, and it doesn't need to be perfect I am just curious.
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well ok

But I'm still in the process of cleaning it up, I'm not the best programmer in the world. :P The link to the problem is :

And I'll pm you the link to the project once it's finished uploading. :)

(It's done uploading and I sent you a pm)
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An argument about scripting kiddies, okay. I just spent a hour or so arguing with a guy who was obviously a C fanboy. His arguments were, well stupid and pointless. Here are the highlights that made me laugh, I could be wrong, but his arguments just seemed dumb.
C Fanboy wrote:
<BHXSpecter> the one thing I see a lot is beginner programmers when doing classes class methods,
they almost always flip the members around so they try to copy the class members into the function
<C_Fanboy> BHXSpecter, and if they learned C first they'd know how to use function parameters.
Methods are special functions... walk before you run, etc... :)
<BHXSpecter> all c++ tutorials and books teach function parameters and how to use them so that
argument is moot
<C_Fanboy> BHXSpecter, een if they do, beginers get confused because there are too many concepts
at once. Remove classes and it suddenly becomes a lot easier to learn.
<BHXSpecter> they teach functions and parameters way before they touch classes :/ are you grasping
at straws as to why people should learn C? o.O
<BHXSpecter> I've seen experienced programmers here botch and flip those around in classes....
beginners just happen to do it more over not having that experience
<C_Fanboy> BHXSpecter, not at all. You claim they learn it first.. I say they don't learn it well
enough because there are othe rtopic that confuse the issue. Order is nof no consequence.

Then pm'ed me this remark:
C Fanboy wrote:
<C_Fanboy> you *probably* already know C++ well enough, so if that s the case, learning C does
not have much point, no. If you learned C++ well, you most likely learned most of C anyway.
<C_Fanboy> if you can unbnderstand how the C function qsort works and how you'l use it in a program,
and understand how a union works and use it in a program, you know enough C to get C++ as well.

People like that is why I like beginners, don't have to argue with them on languages. :)
Lol! Why would he say that?

The even funnier thing is he's gauging someone's C experience based on how well they can use the standard library.
funny how he named two things that are never (std::sort is both much faster and much more versatile) and almost never (there are very few uses for unions) used in C++.
They couldn't except that a guy who has been programming for close to 17 years while helping others could have 8GB of source code. The fact that I don't do projects led into the C before C++ debate, but he really did make absolutely no sense.

He said this earlier before I finally started arguing with him (this made me scratch my head):
C Fanboy wrote:
<BHXSpecter> C is worth learning, but C and C++ have become different enough that you don't have to learn C first anymore
<C_Fanboy> BHXSpecter, I disagree... you'll encounter many C++ pitfalls that are not easy to understand without knowing C
<C_Fanboy> and you'll have problems calling a C API.
<BHXSpecter> never call C API
<C_Fanboy> BHXSpecter, you don't do operating system calls? :p
superset of C I'll use D.
<BHXSpecter> thought people quit using that superset/subset bs back in the 98 standard update :o
<C_Fanboy> BHXSpecter, actually, with C11 and C++11, the languages are moving closer to each other.
What's this guy's user?
maybe c fanboy was bogus
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