Looking for beginner group members.

We are a group of 2 people looking to team up with 1 or 2 more other people. This little group is meant for learning more about C++ programming, but meant to be as a side-thing we do on our free time.

I did mention beginner, but just don't be an absolute beginner. I don't really know how to gauge that, so let's just talk first.
Timezones? Skype? I'm a kinda-not-really beginner but its hard for me to judge myself, mainly just interested in looking for people to program with.
We have an IRC channel on the foonetic server: #ISLABs.
We usually meet on Fridays around 1200 UTC.

As for time zones, it can any, really. Olysold and myself are already on opposite ends of the globe.

You can PM us for more info.
hmm guys i started C recently from the book "Dietel C how to prgoram 6th edition" i shall move to C++ soon and i thought its might be a better idea to join you guys and btw why foonetic server ? couldn't you guys move to freenode irc were you will find alot of awesome people for help lol :d? i thought it will be a better idea if you moved there
Well why didn't you just learn C++ instead of C first?
Unfortunately, our group is geared towards C++, which means a lot of object oriented designs and less procedural designs. If you want, I can send you a link to a project we are working on, so you can study from it. C++ uses much of C syntax, so it might help you with your C studies. Of course, you are still free to ask questions about our code.
that will be nice Daleth thanks i wish if there were a chatr ability in this site or irc chatroom for the memebers if then please inform me :)
If you can get some kind of IRC host like mibbit (online) or HexChat (downloadable), you can find us on the server and channel listed above.
I've learned c++ from internet. Now looking for some interesting way to use it. If you are looking for that kind of beginner, i'll like to join your group.
add me ^_^ I love programming, I study programming
I am advancing fast and making some simple programs (and viruses to harm my computer)

I got skype, facebook & google handgout account
you from yemen that is cool i am arabic as well and i have alot of yemen people in ma city add me on skype : mx8manger
added ^_^ تمت أضافتك
We use IRC, if you don't want to install an IRC Client you can connect through mibbit


Pick the Foonetic channel, we're in the "#ISLABs" room (note the 's')
Hi I want to join as well. I checked out the mibbit server. I can be online the next time you guys are meeting.

Hey can I join as well? I would like to this.

skype :

This thread has become way more popular than we thought it would, unfortunately working with so many people just becomes inefficient so for now we're not looking for new members however this might change, it can't hurt to PM Daleth though.

I'm not sure how the other people in our team feel about sharing the project repository link (don't see why they wouldn't but... :3), I'm sure you can find it with 30 seconds of searching.
I suggest using github's features more. The conversation going on in IDC.txt should probably be in one or more issues, same with To_do.txt. Also the coding standards could be in the wiki.
We aren't looking for any more members. Still there are a bunch of people here showing interest in grouping, so yeah group up with each other.

As Zeph has mentioned and I would just like to elaborate, we're not only beginners in terms of programming skills but working as a programming team as well. Having more people in the pot just makes thing very very complicated. I believe we have 4 now and the magic number has been achieved with that.
Of course, coaches are very very very welcomed.

I don't think I'm opening a can of worms by saying the chatroom is open for use by anyone/any group, only that the participants of the project would be better confined to just us 4.

Thanks naraku for taking the time reading that wall =), admittedly I never really explored github that much, we should be using them more.
Quick question, am I the last one to be added to the group?
Quick question, am I the last one to be added to the group?

I don't think so. If you haven't spoken to any of us in IRC then no. Again, there are others looking for groups. You could start your own thread or contact the people showing interest here to start one up.
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