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Is FUN an acronym or are you guys just exaggerating the word?
We are just capping the word fun. Though, I know an acronym I use it for, though not appropriate except in, well 2 or 3 cases that come to mind right this second, but I've used it a lot in my past too.

F***ing Useless Nimrod
I want lots of suggestions for a comp challenge, then we will chose one...GO!
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Just for reference, here's an example of one of the few such competitions that I've seen appear in the lounge.

I think it went well and it was fun to participate in.
It became quite a time commitment for the challenger (Duoas) though.
Yeah, making compos is a pain, but partaking in them is fun. Assuming you have the determination and motivation to start and finish the application for the compo.
am gonna flick through competition websites and find some fun ones where people had to bend in stranger ways than theyre uses to

Who can make the best Amiga style cracktro

here are some examples

basically you can win with music, graphics or clever text/visual display thing :D

just pretend you cracked a game in the 1990's

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If you are the last person to post, edit your post and quit double posting. You double post and do pointless posts so much I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be hard to get admin to ban you for trolling or just posting to get a high post count. Also, until you stop posting pointless posts and start showing you can help others, I can't imagine anyone except you and fredbill30 bothering to participate in a competition you do.

Right now Zereo could come up and say "Alright, the compo is to program a burlesque themed application." He wouldn't say that, obviously, but if he did, due to his experience and such everyone would likely jump on board and do it.

Its a serious Idea and a good one at that, if people like it they will go for it its not some kind of warped popularity contest. totaly forgot I was the last one to post my bad, but my idea was good and your negativity tapered down the energy I was trying to instill within it, its good because its got a little bit of everything, go stick your head down the toilet.
Why does everyone think Devon and I are trolls?
I think it's the funky hair and wide eyes.

Or maybe it's the content of the posts. Hard to say, really.
a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by trying to start arguments and upset people. They may do this by posting deliberately inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

I'm considered a troll too, but with me it isn't intentional. The way my mind works is that I make my on topic reply, but then think of a couple of tangents (which normally led to off topic discussions) that to me I see the connection, but others don't. Then there is the fact that I post my opinion a lot, which is fine, but mine is normally formed by misinformed or misread facts which leads to most of my problems. Then when accused of being an ass or such, I just milk it, my way of showing I don't care as a person is going to think of me however they want to. Problem with you two is that you are making people think of you one way and just continually put things that enforce that opinion then act your age when it is pointed out to you (being shocked, confused, and not understanding what is being said to you).

devonrevenge wrote:
go stick your head down the toilet.

Remarks like this and Fredbill30's sarcastic hacking fb comment is why so many would probably like to see you banned or have the ability to add you two to an ignore list. You both have said in your first posts that you wanted to prove yourselves here on this site and then started posting pointless and childish topics or posts like that.

Fredbill30 even said (sarcastically or not) that he was doing it to brighten our days, but repeated sarcasm is about as much fun as whacking your penis with a hammer. Lastly, one person pointed this out too, if every time you are called out on something, you reply with "I was being sarcastic", you start to look stupid and get overlooked when you are being serious. We have pointed out tons of times that sarcasm is denoted by a gesture or verbal tone and text can't properly show those required things.

Though, cire's post is one of the few ways sarcasm is obvious in a post. It is truly a rare occurrence though.
Why does everyone think Devon and I are trolls?

Is that sarcasm again?
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I'd say the only real trolls in this forum is rapidcoder and he-who-must-not-be-named. rapidcoder has derailed more topics for the sake of Java than there's bits of memory in my application's stack.

I don't care about post count, if he wants to raise his post count, whatever. No need to make a big deal out of it as long as its not completely disruptive. I highly doubt an admin would flat out ban him for such minor behavior.

Fredbill30, define "everyone". I highly doubt most members care unless you're spouting misinformation or derailing topics.

I vote myself worst programmer in "Beginners" section.
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BHX I don't do it intentionally and I'm sure devon doesn't either.

And I obviously posted a picture of my old facebook comment before.
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First of all I might have missed it but I don't think anyone here ever called you a "troll". We just said that your actions are very annoying and childish sometimes, which is fine since you are a child.

But you have to realize that when you act like that and other people have told you on several occasions that the way you are acting is very annoying/disruptive yet you continue to act the same way other people aren't going to have the best view of you.

You can't act surprised when people think you are annoying or in your words "Think you are a troll" when we have told you on numerous occasions that your actions are annoying and have asked if you could maybe change them.

For example you always seem to use "I'm being sarcastic" as excuse to say stupid things, or as a excuse when people call you out on saying something stupid. Then you act surprised that people find it annoying even though other people have told you on at least 5 different occasions that sarcasm is hard to tell over the internet.

But enough with that. My point is that you can act however you want to act, you are your own person and we can't tell you what to do. But you have to realize that your actions will have consequences (Like people thinking you are a "troll" or are annoying). And if you don't want them people to think negatively of you then maybe you need to look at changing how you act?
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BHX I don't do it intentionally and I'm sure devon doesn't either.

How sure?

And you don't do what intentionally? You mean you write the post then click on the post button unintentionally? Well now that I think about it, that excuse may work for devon.

Oh wait, you mean you don't troll intentionally. Ah OK then! It's always nice to find an excuse that can absolve you from correcting your ways! Carry on.
Seems like from mobile I cannot send a reply.
I like the idea of a old-style (old-console-based?) competition.

But, again.
What will the OS-based limitations be?
Say, CreateWindow allowed?
16-bit short, 32-bits integer, 64-bits longlong, 32-bit float, 64-bit double, and little endian?

I'm trying to make another website to be able to handle such competitions in a better way. Who knows what will get out, i've been fiddling with html/css/js/php for a bit on my pc.

Oh, and, Catfish, you aren't doing any better than them :'D
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BHX That post was real, i thought it was a good idea.

i wanted people to see my idea :(

and i thought the competition was supposed to be fun you miserable tool

and the comment at the end was because I was angry with you, I know what the real problem is here, me and fredbil want to partisipate in all the serious things, i find my beginnerness means i can do less but still want a chat, a competition would be perfect for involvong anyone who can do it, unless you want to keep it complicated so only you pros can do it.

i dont try and wind anyone up I had I good idea and you just wrote it off as trolling, just read the content,, you will find that you not only derail the thread (my post WAS real and you just ignore a good idea)

I told you to stick your head down a toilet because I was expressing my anger at you derailing the thread, you will find especial these last three weeks i only comment on things i understand and havn't been stupid with posts, just go through time, I havnt even tried to be more funny you guys
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