Best book for beginners?

cout<<"Hello", I am currently using "C++ How to program 8ed Deitel" with compiler dev-cpp
I liked that book, but I want more examples, and more simple descriptions so that I advance fast,
the dev-cpp compiler is good but when I try to make my first c++ game, I got confused between curly brackets, because I usually forget to close loops and if structures

what about you what do you use?
stroustrups principles and practice using c++ will start at hello world and will quickly get into more advanced stuff, its coherent and articulate, makes c++ seem easier than it is, the chaps here recommended that i got it and it was a good call :)
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I used "C++ Primer" (Now in the 5th Edition? Also don't confuse with C++ Primer Plus because that is a knockoff copy that isn't near as good) and "Accelerated C++". Two of the best beginner books in my opinion. The primer will be used for a reference material and goes into good depth on every subject, where as Accelerated C++ will get you up and making advanced programs a lot quicker since it teaches C++ before teaching you C.

Also hopefully you don't use bloodshed Dev-CPP and are instead using Orwell Dev-CPP. If you are on Bloodshed I would highly highly recommend you download a new IDE or at least a new compiler since both of them haven't been updated in over 10 years (I think it has been 10 years now).

Personally I prefer just a advance text editor like Sublime 2, VIM, or something along those lines. Though if you want a full blown IDE I would say the best are VS2012 if you are on windows and CodeBlocks. Though that is just my opinion.
I heard the industry standard IDE is eclipse
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There really isn't a industry standard...
i have been lied too
Zereo wrote:
There really isn't a industry standard...

Of all the major software companies I've interviewed at (two), they both used Eclipse as their standard Java IDE. Though the second place seemed more lax and said some people just use whatever they like. As long as they get work done.
...and said some people just use whatever they like. As long as they get work done.

If I use a pistol can the boss say that the work is not done?:)
thanks for the replays, and yeah I noticed that, devcpp helped me in learning the basics, but now it does not support advanced header files such as "graphics.h" and other headers, I will use Visual Studio 2010 soon, I'ts just 10GP size need a lot of time do download it,
Graphics.h is not a standard header. I think it's only with devcpp, I recommend not using it.
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