what is your typing speed?

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I am posting this thread because I am happy :D
I reached 80wpm today , I have an average of 60wpm
what about your typing speed ?
I am sure that this forum got dozens of users wit +120 :S
I type 1wpd.
i type at 100wpm with accuracy of 10%
The fastest I've ever reached (with above 90% accuracy) was about 140wpm on one of those typing test things. But that's way faster than I type in conversation. I probably get about 70-80wpm in everyday typing.
Yay! first to reply!

However my typing speed in not very fast!
I type about three words per minute but they're all golden nuggets of wisdom.

Except those ones.

And those.

Er, and those...

while( 1 )
   std::cout << "..and those...\n";
@iHutch105&&@Grey Wolf
LOL that's very funny.

Nice, there are a lot of nice online software for speed test and typing games we could try ^_^

what does the d stands for in wpd?

I type 999wpm with ~0% accuracy... *_*

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I think 0% accuracy at 999wpm would be very hard, test it out, try and get the highest wpm and mash every key equally but in a random order :D
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it will be hard in money, new keyboard idea is not in my mind :P
I managed 101 WPM with something like 90% accuracy once.
none got 99% accuracy :/ I think it's the Qwerty layout,
any one using Dvorak ?
is it possible to learn 2?
I can only do Qwerty
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I can do about 40-50wmp with about 95% accuracy... I type very slow :P lol
No link to a test? Come on...
If to type one letter with only one finger and to provide a high voltage then my speed will break all records!
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It takes me .1 seconds to type the word 'a'. So if I consider that an average and then extrapolate, I can type 600 words per minute!
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I can only average about 60 - 70 WPM but with 90% - 100% accuracy most of the time.
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I'm a bit slow. I tried to type but made like 5 million mistakes and I got like 43 wpm.

Then I tried to play it of and it a really fast but it outwitted and I got 12 wpm.

Both links are pretty terrible, but I did the second one once:

76 WPM, 4 errors (94% accuracy), adjusted speed 72 WPM. I'd do better if I did it again a time or two. I didn't expect it to page down on me like that; I was lost for a second there!

...I think I have a hard time reading and typing it as I spend too much time thinking about what I'm reading. I rarely just copy text like that--I type my own thoughts a little faster.
85 wpm with 97% accuracy.
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ascii wrote:
85 wpm with 97% accuracy.
what kind of fingers do you posses??
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