what is your typing speed?

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Wizard fingers, eh? Anyway did you take a typing course in highschool?
High school?! I'm 31 yrs old and we learned to use computers and typing since seventh grade.
Oh. Where did you go to school?
Doesn't matter. City budget cuts made the close all the ones I went to and I no longer live in that city. So my schools don't exist anymore.

Not done those site as I've never cared what my WPM was. Don't even remember what it was in school. Surprisingly, I was supposed to do a class at IVY Tech before I left for DeVry University that determined that, but blew it off since I had decided to leave. I'll try the site later and see what my WPM is, but will probably be poor as I usually have to go back and fix errors when I type (ie WPM may be high, but accuracy will likely be shit).
Nice seventh grade!
I learned computers by myself since computers are not in the education plan in Yemen, :/
I had hard time learning (and damaging computers too because of viruses), but now it's fine.
what kind of fingers do you posses??

I play a few instruments, so I think my fingers have gotten more dexterous because of that.
I play the piano and the organ, but all I got was 53 wpm and 98% accuracy.
Maybe some string (where you actually touch the strings) instruments would help...

In german I only got 38 wpm.
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I was getting read for bed and decided to do the typing test. According to TypingTest.com I type 54wpm with 100% accuracy.

You use lightshot too? Heh.

Insturments shouldn't help that much with typing. I play the trumpet and viola and I'm not that fast compared to y'all.
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Certain instruments do help a great deal. I play guitar and I wouldn't have nearly as dexterous fingers if I didn't play guitar.
According to the second link posted. I can type somewhere between 39 - 59 words (four attempts) depending on what I'm typing. Only on my first try did I not get errors and hit 49 words per minute... Not sure if that's good or not... They said it was above average, but average for programers...?
The average is 120WPM as I herd, but I am not sure.
54 wpm for me. it was 58 but I had some errors.
The average is 120WPM as I herd, but I am not sure.

...you can be quite sure that this is not the average typing speed for any large group of people.

80-ish is fast. 100-ish is really, really fast. Programmers, in particular, are at a bit of a disadvantage because of the type of typing that they do is always technical and often made up of obscure syntax. I would think it's not very common to find programmers who can type over 100 WPM using most literary reading/writing tests.

The trick to being a good programmer isn't typing--It's thinking.
im going to buy a keyboard soon, i want metal keys
Agree with you on that moorecm,
Thinking of a nice Algorithm some time takes several hours, applying it as a c++ statements might take half hour max, typing ... 10 minutes maybe :)

But still being fast typist makes you replay fast in cplusplus.com :D
i got 46 words per minute, however, i was slightly slowed down by the fact that the test had me copy a story about a torpedo hitting a ship and all the survivors dying. i was more interested in the story :/
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