Monthly Competition? Would you participate?

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naraku9333 wrote:
As far as external libs go, I think it should be allowed but binaries should be required so anyone can run the app.

Requiring binaries are pointless because they will not work everywhere anyway, and I wouldn't trust binaries from random person.
I think only cross-platform libraries and GUIs should be allowed but once year we could have Windows-only and/or Linux-only competition.

Some ideas:
Image processing: steganography app. take an image (uncompressed .bmp for simplicity) and hide a text file or another image in it.
Games: tic-tac-toe - easy, no GUI required, minesweeper - requires GUI but game algorithm is simple.
Graphics: fractals, L-systems, maze generator
maybe an obfuscated code competition (once a year)

That's all I could think of now.

I'd add, NATIVE c++.
Not those extremely weird C++/CLI things (whose types include also a secret "^" symbol who doesn't work as a xor).
. Agreed. Anyone using C++/CLI instead of C# must burn in flames of liquid tungsten.
You could add all of your ideas on the other website.
I didn't put any limitation of how many ideas you can have.
(I've manually activated you, just having fun looking at who is registering :D)
I'm ultimately fine if a compo is game related and I like the IRC bot idea Zereo posted. My main issue is that letting the users vote may turn out to not be very fair. The compos will end up being determined by what ever type of programmer is majority. Depending on them, all 12 months could wind up being game or networking or something else. I wonder if it wouldn't be better to specifically declare a certain month to be a type of compo and then have the ideas given for that type.

Also, for learning libraries, I've learned a few and the curve is usually around two weeks to learn it effective enough to use in a competition (longer if you have limited time). A little more for the larger libraries like DirectX due to having a few more bells and whistles.
@EssGeEich I have registered, and have not been sent a registration code. Did I do something incorrectly?
@Script Coder did you check you spam folder? That's where I found mine.
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Tried to go in and activate it for you script coder but don't think I have that privilege or don't know how to do it. Also check your spam folder it might have been sent there.
Ah, thank you zereo, it was in my spam folder :)
I wonder why it was sent there?
I wonder why it was sent there?

Your mail client thought it was spam. They're not perfect. Should be able to whitelist it.
that link to SGH's thing needs to be more see-able to casual browsers of
They're not perfect. Should be able to whitelist it.

I know, I just wonder what keywords sent it there is all. And yes I have "whitelisted" the mail.

that link to SGH's thing needs to be more see-able to casual browsers of

What do you mean? And how do you propose we do it?
A thread in the forum?
I'll need to train Zereo a bit, I'll stay without internet for a couple of months.
He'll be free to train someone else then.
Making some screenshoots.

@devonrevenge: My forum is well shown in this thread, I don't think we need another thread.

*Edit* Sent Zereo some screenshots.
He will eventually ask someone else to help him.
Give each other a hand, and thank you for your partecipation/efforts.
I'll try to stay online from mobile to keep an eye on what is happening.

If you (Zereo) need help, send me a PM on
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Looks like I got admin privileges now thanks SGH. Should be able to help out now when you aren't around.
@EssGeEich Your server is dying, too much traffic :| Just got told to try and reload a couple of secs later.
It happens every here and there.
It should be up now anyways, it looks ok to me.
That's the problematic for no-budget projects.
It's not an issue Zereo could solve anyways, just pointing out he won't be of any help in any way.
Neither I can, unless I pay the fee to become "premium".
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I know, just letting you know, so you know.
Is the site solely for competition purposes?
For the moment, yes.
I don't want it to have some C++-resolve-my-issue categories.
For that, there is .
The only difference between those is, that cppcomp uses MyBB, so has Polls built-in.

Anyways I already knew that, I had that problem while I was setting it up.
Maybe this can tell you something:
Ah, I see. Premium is not terribly expensive though.
But, as I'm 17, I don't have a job and cannot put money online yet.
I'd have to ask my parents, but for them to agree, I need a job.
(I can only work as 18 fyi)
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